Monday, July 7, 2014

Miu Miu Resort 2015 Review

                                     This collection was much more toned down, and not as bombastically colorful, as the last Miu Miu collection. But it still had a touch of the last's 60's sensibilities, what with the first look's military jacket (very ''British rockstar''), in dark blue. 2 was a lot like 1, but again, again, AND YET AGAIN; please, no random swatches of fabric! It never makes the outfit more interesting. Considering Miu Miu ( and Prada's) history for being very feminine and shape-conscious, 3 was pretty shocking. Slouchy pajamas? Ugh. 4 was too much like a certain Marc Jacobs collection I know (spring 2014), with the tropical leaves and trippy shapes. 5 and 7's macrame and/or crochet tank tops looked amateur. I know that's supposed to be cool and ''avant garde''...but no. Crochet has been done before.
                               I really loved look 9. It reminded me of the Mary Quant dress/jumpers from early in her career. The sapphire beads gave an art-deco feel. 10's beaded flowers(?) looked truly misplaced. Until 16 we traveled through the land of filler and repeats from before (and these slight variations were not exciting, at all). 16 was pure white, very ''flowy'' and Chloe (the brand, not me). The middle of the top reminded me of the Sarah Burton-at-McQueen bee inspired collection. 19's dress was beautiful and tropical, without ripping off Marc Jacobs too much. I loved how it was ''tropical'' and ''spring'', but in black. 20 had an elegant air of dark, feminine mystery. The contrasting, yet matching, dark blue dress with sheer sleeves was very stylish and pretty. 23 and 24 came across as a cliched to death (and back again, and than death again, in an eternal circle) ''Chanel'' look.
                   I enjoyed the dark blue looks in this collection (especially the sheer sleeves) and the flowing looks. But it did not come close to living up to the Ready to Wear collection.

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