Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Marchesa Resort 2015 Review

                                  This collection is pretty small (17 looks) but it still feels daunting; I mean, most of the clothes were so gorgeous! How am I to properly explain them? I certainly hope you always actually look at collections before/after reading reviews, but especially do so for this one; it will renew hope in the use of pastel yet mature outfits (and dark/feminine fashions).
                   1 was simply a dream; straight out of Maleficent or  from a Pixar created fairy land. Iridescent pinks, yellows, and greens (and some blues) were sweepingly arrayed all over the dress. Another favorite part was the black lace middle. 2 was a much more toned down look, more for a younger lady; it was very pretty (I want it!) but just not very ''grown up.'' 3 was a very pale pink, almost white, with a twisted, circular sculptural right shoulder. I don't really think the middle worked; the point towards the right was in an odd place. 4 was a dead ringer for Beyonce's dress at the Met Gala 2013 (for Chaos to Couture); lush train, texture, and gothic lace. But more modest. Perfect dress for a dark fairy emerging from her lair. 5 was too stereotypically girlish; not even prom, but 8th grade dance. Look 6 was really confusing; the side rose (or folded circle?) just didn't go at all. No more last minute ''interesting'' attempts, PLEASE!
                     Look 7's shirt was silky and gothic, like a Balenciaga perfume ad I remember from 2 years ago. Mysteriously feminine. Look 8 was botanical without being super ''juicy'' or lush. It had a dash of darkness too. 10 was a total diva dress. One sleeve, slit down the skirt- BAM. But it also wasn't a typical ''diva'' dress; like so many of the looks in this collections, it was  dark and feminine. Extremely mature and for  a woman. 11 unfortunately was very plain and prom. Unlike 10, it was for a girl (and not a sophisticated, Manhattinite like moi)(only true in my mind); it was not womanly or mature at all. I loved the way 15 shimmered. It was not a loud look. The print was exceedingly understated and simple, but created a beautiful shimmer that accentuated the wearer's self and style. 17, the final look, was quite Betsey Johnson -esque. Girly/tough.
          This collection gave a darkness to the uber feminine genre of fashion, and the good looks far outweighed the boring (or too girly).

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