Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Marc by Marc Jacobs Resort 2015 Review

                    I really wish I had heard about Luella Bartley and Katie Hillier before. Luella Bartley even had her own brand, until  2009 when the recession forced her to close her business. Anyway, these two ladies are doing a fabulous job at the Marc by Marc label, and their work is so diverse (which is quite rare) and fun, while not being childish or stupid. As Yves Saint Laurent said, ''I hate seeing women, rendered pathetic, by fashion.''
                   Look 1 of this collection was black pants, with a horizontal strap across the shirt, with artistically misplaced pockets; very Comme des Garcons. While it didn't scream lady like, it was very feminine; stylish, but not in a ''pleasing others'' way. 2's long white shirt with an image of what looked like standing on the moon and looking at a ring-less saturn, looked so comfy. 3 was military inspired, with an army green shirt (again with those funny pockets) and a black skirt with the strap from look 1. I adore how these looks are so fun and artsy, but still casual. Their not obnoxious or precocious. They have style. If it is possible to pick bests in this collection (um no) I would be forced to say 7 is one of them. The moon shirt works so well with the lima bean pants, AND our friend the strap. Very utilitarian and freeing. I love how many of the latest collections are focused on wearability, following in the steps of the famous Le Smoking suit and Bar suit. Look 8 put the stylish in coat, which is super difficult when a designer differentiates from the wool norm while designing a coat. Silky and simple.
                Look 9 was a fabulously spunky dress, very tomboy. For a lady who has something important to do but still wants to embrace her girly side, while still wearing navy blue and not, like, hot pink. 11 was one look I found a tiny bit questionable; the straps on the top were too gear-ish for clothing. Look 13 did the same thing; what, are we going sky diving or something? Fortunately 15 was another spunky dress, this time in black with a rouched cloth belt, and sporty with the zipper in the front. 16's sweatshirt was slightly wall paper-y, but the skirt's whirly computer screen saver-esque 3-D skirt was rad, in dark blue and black. It reminded me of all the blue butterflies in Gaultier's last couture collection. 18 reminded me of sheer lip gloss. This dress was downright pretty. The whole shade with light sparkly pink, like the inside of a shell.I loved the casual-cool of 19; the gray actually looked good! Gray is so hard to work with, especially if its a priority to make the outfit look good! The fabric looked almost like T shirt, and the strappy sleeves were subtle enough not to look like sky diving gear. In look 20, the last look, we got to see the sparkly blue 3-D ''skirt'' from 16 in full form as a dress. It was quite a surprisingly look, because so many outfits in this collection were very casual and relaxed; this was fancy and sleek, almost couture looking! The best part was the ''space adventure'' element.''
            This is my favorite collection so far for Resort 2015. Almost every look I adored, and I can't wait to see the next collection for Fashion Month in september!

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