Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Diane Von Furstenberg Resort 2015 Review

                              Diane Von Furstenberg has always been someone I really admire; along with all her designing, her life has involved  portraits by Warhol, parties at Studio 54, and so much more.The thing I admire the most about her, though, is her ability to come up with beautiful, colorful dresses collection after collection, and even still make different versions of her famed wrap dress.
                         Look 1 was, yes, a wrap dress. I loved the tropical, Hawaiian shirt aspect, but with unlikely colors, like dark purple and red. I adored 3's jacket. The giant flowers and dusty shades were so pretty. It also looked very mature, and not prissy or ''girly.'' 5 had a great print, but it seemed too long to me. I just really love shoes, so an outfit that can't really show my shoes off feels odd. I could see Miu Miu's influence on 6. The simple shape, with lines in the same color. Very 60's, just like the recent Miu Miu collection. 7 seemed too manly and shapeless to me. The middle was too wide. 8 and 9 seemed  usual and cheap. Especially 9, the blue jacket. I think I've seen it on the bus when my local high school gets on (except their's has an Abercrombie and Fitch tag on it)! 10's sleeve were extremely out of place. A plain, simple dress, and then BAM! Super printed sleeves with all different colors! Its bad enough when people don't match separates, but an outfit all in one piece?
                         12, on a much more positive note, was fab. A sweater, with Diane herself drawn on the front? Awesome. I hate clothes with giant logos or advertisements, but this one was artistic and fun. 14's shirt seemed a bit Target Girls. I mean, what person, who once was a girl in middle school, hasn't worn this? Very few. 15's stripe pattern kept coming up. I didn't like it. It was very boring and typical.16's soup of shapes and stripes was really nice. It really worked well, and very creative; it wasn't random, but it definitely didn't follow any pattern or rules. 17 looked like a strange 80's ''power suit.'' The last look, 20, was a favorite. Very simple, but the wide legged black slacks looked so smooth and modern. And from the side view, the jacket became very artistic with a unique shape.
                   Some parts of this collection were disappointing, with typical prints and strange patterns. But others were elegant, fun, and feminine, which are the best aspects of Diane's designs.

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