Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Christian Dior Fall 2014

                  I was a bit shocked when I started going through the slide show for this collection. Everything was so...boring. Slouchy jackets, shapeless suits (AT DIOR?! Seriously- of all labels, Dior?), and boring colors. Pastel is not for fall.
                Finally with look 11, it was a bit interesting. A white mini dress, with a hot pink scarf. But then the scarf melds into the frilly skirt. Unique and stylish. Very simple but at the same time fashionable; I love looks that are just at the precipice of normal and unique. 12 and 13's extra side ruffles were unnecessary. Yet another last minute attempt at looking fun. 14 and 15's quilted patterns were horrible; it looked very utilitarian, like a skiing liner. I honestly can't believe how shapeless they made the jackets in this collection. Could you imagine Dior himself making something that plain? 18 was a total copy of the Miu Miu and Prada spring/summer collections, with the low neckline and rectangular shape. Was the brooch at the side supposed to differentiate it? Well, it didn't work. 19 and 20 were just terrible; where do they get their clothes dye- Crayola? The dresses were so plain, and the detachment at the side? Seriously? 22 wasn't as bad, but the short length and the way the skirt popped out was very childish.
                  On go the boring jackets. 27 was one I liked. Simple, but with that artfully messed up look. I also liked how wispy it looked. Fairy-esque. I really did not appreciate the lace-up looks. It didn't work well, and they seemed like lame efforts to differentiate the outfits from any random black dress. 31 continued the annoying quilted style in the skirt, and the top reminded me of a fake designer bag, with the fake pressed leather. 33 was my least favorite color, gray, and seemed like something from a mass produced sci fi film. 34 was plain sad; pink is the least fall color on earth! And again, no shape! Who would pay $2,000+ for something this boring? 37 was a complete Miu Miu copy. Have you seen those advertisements? 38 and 39 were hideous; where did the print come from- a mattress? 40 and 41 looked like they were made of the cheapest plastic possible. 42 and 43 did the scarf+skirt thing again, and I liked 43. The silky sky blue went nicely with the black. A modern but stylish piece. 44 and 45 were pure, colored filler. Shapeless, not elegant, not feminine, just gross. Next we had a lot of filler and repeats from the first few looks.
                 Why do so many of the fabrics in this collection look like plastic? Even if they are expensive, they look terrible! 53 was so plain, and the glitter looked like glue mixed with glitter. I have doubts about how warm for fall 54 would be, considering it doesn't even have short sleeves and is completely sheer. 55, the last look, was plain, baggy, and had glitter for an attempt at sticking out. I was very disappointed with this collection. This is not Gap or Forever 21. Fashion is constantly being criticized for selling everyday clothes...for outrageous prices. I definitely believe many clothes are worth a lot of money, but when you make things as bland as this collection, their not worth it.

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