Monday, March 3, 2014

Givenchy Fall 2014 Review

                  I feel horrible for how behind I am with this blog. School work just keeps piling up. Anyhow...I am sneaking in a few minutes to write about my favorite subject: fashion shows! Here is my review of Givenchy Fall 2014:
                  Looks 1 and 2 were fascinating; the way they looked like snake skin was awesome. And the way the brown and orange shades mixed together looked like a leaf pile. I have seen a lot of looks that are not ''fall'' at all this fashion month, but the one's that are seasonal are fantastic. 4, 5, and 6 were boring, the jackets especially. And the pants were just black pants with a red attachment. 7 was beautiful. A leopard print jacket, with a red and blue speckled butterfly formed out of the collar and on the skirt. The black at the bottom of the jacket was a nice touch also. The colors were fall like, and the combo of butterfly and leopard was so unique. 8 continued the butterfly theme, but this time the dress was a flowing beige dress, with small butterflies scattered around. Yet again, so fall! I also loved the baggy pockets. 9's gray snake print was ugly, and very Michael Kors. 11 was another Michael Kors-esque look, in butterscotch. Blah. All of the fur looks felt tedious. 17's jacket was especially bad; very small jacket, with jumbo furry sleeves. How is that attractive? It's not feminine, elegant, or even artistic!
                 19 had too much going on, and the detached look of the sleeves made it look broken. And cumbersome! 20 was filler, with four buttons to make it look quirky. 22 was so strange. Very sloppy, and a total copy of Mary Katrantzou. Next we have some military style filler and a very odd leopard jacket with two red upward stripes. Not creative at all. The flowing paint splotch dresses are okay, but that trend is a bit over done, and the shades are not particularly fun. 31-33's random stripes on skirts and jackets is lame.34's skirt was really artistic. Very sculptural, and the black really made the white pop. 35 was very McQueen esque, with the super magnified butterfly print. It also reminded me of marbaled  paper. I just loved the color so much. The best part of the butterfly theme looks in this collection is that yes, the idea probably came from the last Gaultier couture collection, but it did not copy at all. This collection was much more dark and nature-y.
                  Look 36 was pretty strange. I have no idea what the print was, and the random white shape on the skirt was odd. 40 was so beautiful, in the simplest way; extremely long, dark, and gothic. Riccardo Tisci does dark and gothic very well. The slightly lighter brown shade of the top part made it ''fall.'' 42 unfortunately was quite horrendous. All fur top with cut off sleeves? Blech! Is this from the Flint Stones movie wardrobe department?! I kind of liked 44, but more of as an art piece, and not something I'd like to wear. The skirt's print was too literal. I like subtle references to butterflies, not full on Audobon illustration, when it comes to clothes. I loved 47's festive look, especially since the colors fit in with the season. Festive looks are usually more summer, but this worked nicely.
                 I enjoyed this collection, and especially the butterfly parts. The biggest problems were filler I think. And too much fur. Minus the filler and too much fur, any collections can be fabulous.

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