Friday, February 28, 2014

Lanvin Fall 2014

                         Yay Paris Fashion Week! The fact that there is a new Dior collection floating around that I have yet to see is literally painful. But I haven't had too much time to review, considering that my 16th birthday was this past wednesday and I have no lack of homework to complete! But I'll start with Lanvin, one of my favorites.
                        Look 1 was too wide. It looked like a Chewbacka jacket. 2 was shaggy but really pretty, with an almost Chanel look. It was so stylish and fashionable, but it was still relaxed with it's lopsided look. And the shade was an almost pale black? I don't know how to describe it. But it worked! 3's skirt looked a little torn, and the jacket had too many ruffled lines. 5 was, again, looking torn up. The plaid/hounds tooth print wasn't that exciting either. 6 was so sloppy! The neck line looked stretched, and it looked old,  not in a vintage way; more like a dry clean only outfit that came out of a normal washer. I don't think 8 took much thought. It was basically a black sheet put around the model. With a belt. I liked 10. Very stylish; I loved the shimmery black look. The folds in the skirt almost looked like fringe, and reminded me of Proenza Schouler. 12's fur was typical, and let's face it, too much fur! How much more silver tinged fur does the world need?
                       15 was a depressing filler piece. Black dress. Very long. Yay. On the other hand, 17 was a simple gray/army green fall coat. The small half mini cape gave it that designer touch. It also had shape, which this collection has not had much of, at least so far. 20's satin was baggy (and certainly not flattering), although the little white circular details were really cute and unique. Many of these looks had way too much fur, or just fur in the wrong places. Right down the middle? Across the middle? Or like in 27, where the fur pops out of the chest in silver, and then brown fur across the collar and down the sleeves? It just looks awkward and strange. 30 didn't have any fur, but was boring. It looked like it was buttoned in the wrong places, with no shape. I know clothes can be artfully ''messy'' or ''ripped''. But this didn't seem Comme des Garcons esque, McQueen esque, or anything. It just looked bad. I didn't see the point of making it look lazy, in the way I do see the point of making flowers on a McQueen dress look slightly wilted.
                        31-35 were these terrible shirts, skirts, and dresses that were silky, but unflatteringly shapeless in probably the worst way possible. 36 was nice, though, with it's simple black and white floral/vine print. I loved how it came together almost like a jacket, very long but then coming together at the side in an upward sweep. 37 had a pretty black and white paisley print. The way the shorter skirt twisted into the top part at the waist gave it a  perfect shape. 40 and 41 had awkward pops of puffy fringe at the middle. 43 was definitely my favorite look; It had everything I love in a dress: shine, sparkle, fluff, rich color, and shape. It was a gorgeous, super dark blue, and feathery dress. Very Lanvin, with it's dark shade and shine. I also loved how this outfit contrasted with the sparse lighting on the runway. It really brought out the dress's merits. 44 was all fringe, so it looked like a costume. 47 was another beautiful look. Darker blue mini dress, with uneven fringe in dark blue, light blue, and gray. Unique and artistic. The last look, 48, was an army green shirt and skirt pair, with dark and salmon pink fringe on the top, and dark blue fringe on the sleeve. The same dark blue was on the skirt's fringe. I definitely liked other looks better than this one, but it was a good finish.
                     This collection was not the best, and the biggest problems were the misplaced fur, damaged looking satin looks, and filler. But 43 was so beautiful!

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