Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Marc by Marc Jacobs Fall 2014

                Marc by Marc Jacobs is known as Marc Jacob's ''cheaper'' brand, but honestly? This collection was far, far better than the Marc Jacobs collection. Kendall Jenner was there to be obnoxious and exhibitionist, and it was just a cult of sheer tops and boring colors. Blah, boring, nasty. I hated it, to say the least. This review, on the other hand, will be a positive one.
                  Look 1 was a dark minimalist jumpsuit, with a chunky belt. Part school uniform/ part Rick Owens look. 2 had an obvious race car suit similarity, but instead of advertising Tide or Pepsi, this one advertised Revolution (which is not a cologne...I think). I'm not sure if I, personally would wear it, but it looked awesome on the model. I have no qualms about liking something I myself may not choose. 3 was a delight to the eyes. Quirky for lack of better words (and this outfit certainly is deserving). Red and black top, with gray wool overalls. 5's pants were not of my taste at all. The flaps were too abrupt. No last minute ''interesting'' parts, please! 7 was too masculine and boxy. I loved how 10's patched pants went with the chic jacket. The dark blue collar pulled the outfit out of that ''normal clothes'' mode. 12 was too boring and boxy. Gray is not an easy color to work with. But it also isn't fitting for fall, either. Maybe winter, when the sludge comes in, though.
              15's pants weren't anything exciting, but the shiny, sleek striped top was cool. In 17, again, we have that shiny, almost plastic look, but in the skirt. It also went perfectly with the plaid top. Look 19 was much different from the other; red/black plaid on the skirt and jacket, but the top of the jacket explodes into a puffy ribbon. For an ''off-brand'', this look is pretty amazing! I still can't believe how different this collection is from the Marc Jacobs one. 21 had another ribbon, but on a mini cape and in black and white plaid. I wasn't all that pleased with 23; It did have the ''puff'' at the top, but it was shapeless. And the pants reminded me of those gross looking basket ball shorts middle school boys wear. 25 didn't work either. Boring gray, with a black ribbon in the middle... it didn't look right. 27 was a definite favorite. The jacket was kind of military style, but the green was just emerald enough to not look too Army Surplus. Patches are a nice touch too.
           What's with 28's Justin Bieber face mask? At the tail end of my horrific Bieber phase, he wore a face mask with a skull on it. Skulls are fine on clothes, but how does making yourself look like your not even wearing skin fit into fashion, which is clothes? 29 had too much labeling. I know it wasn't marketing Marc Jacobs, but it was overwhelming. 30 had a delightful sci-fi element. And the blue satin worked well. 32, another favorite, was a satin mini dress with a bright red and labeled puffy bow. It's so unique, fun, and fashionable. 35's skirt was much better than 33 and 34; those were a little boring and predictable. But this one's top layer was cut unevenly, and that gave it an edge. Gray/silver and a stripe of black was the coloring. 36's bow was way too big. Obnoxious, even. It just didn't look like clothes. The skirt was okay, but it's a dress so you have to work with the bow.
           Looks 37 and 38 were a good finish. 37's bow was bright red and the dress was nice and snug. I loved the wrap dress part. A bit Rick Owens. 38's skirt was a bit bulky and uneven, but the sweater was nice and silver-y.
         This collection was my favorite of  NY fashion week. Very few filler pieces, and plenty of color. You will certainly stand out, in the best way, in this collection.

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