Sunday, February 23, 2014

Prada Fall 2014 Review

                       Has anyone recovered from the awesomeness of the last Prada collection? No? Well this collection is also pretty good. The first few looks weren't super exciting, and the black jackets were too big and bulky. But later on there was a ton of lush colors.
                    8 was when the looks started getting interesting; a black sheer dress, with another dress underneath; and orange fuzz lining  around the dress and pockets. Perfect detailing. 9 was a too-bulky look, and the fuzzy lining was overbearing. 11's dark blue color didn't work with the yellow and white fur; it came across as dirty to me? But 12 was super cool, and the red and yellow reminded me of last collection. Very artsy, very Prada. 13 was filler. I loved 14's print. It was yellow and black, in a futuristic/art deco print. Very 20's. 15's dress had the same print, but in red and black, and was equally delightful. Red and black is a perfect combo. I once had red and black braces. But the sweater's neckline was so low, that it looked stretched out, and not on purpose. Which, um, it actually was. Look 17 reminded me of some of the dresses from the last Miu Miu collection, with the long neckline illusion. The combo of the futuristic/art deco print (in black and white), and black and green satin at the top went together so well.
                       18's jacket was really boring, and not at all ''fall'', contrasting with the previous looks. It reminded me of a bubbly-print shower curtain. 20 seemed a little artistic, but the way it's only sheer at the waist? Dumb. Why do we need to see someone's under wear? Very childish. 21 was almost worse; if you look up ''fashion show filler'' in the dictionary, this plain, boring, horrific, bulky, bland gray coat would come up. 22's jacket, again, bulky. 23 was yet more filler, and 24's sweater was super slouchy. Overstretched necklines do not look good! 27 on the other hand was a perfect fall look. Brown, fuzzy fur around the edges with red, orange, and black scalloped prints. Very 60's, and perfect for it's season.
                          The next few looks were too Lisa Frank, and, ugh, MORE FILLER IN 30! Men's clothes in a women's wear collection is the worst kind of filler. Until 36 it's really just shower curtain prints and menswear. But 36's jacket was another perfect fall look, like 27. Light brown and black futuristic print. The brown was just the right mix of dark and light to not veer too far from ''fall.'' I liked 41 as a museum piece. As a piece of clothing by itself it's pretty cool, but it was too costume to be an everyday, or even party outfit. 42 was an annoying revealing look, and the red lines and black color were boring. 45, by far, was the worst look. Who needs to see your full frontal underwear and stomach in public? And how is this beautiful? The point of fashion week, Bergdorf's, all these innumerable style clothes, right? Or is it one big ''how revealing can you go?'' contest? I know a lot of people try to make some artsy/political argument about these clothes, claiming their liberating (you need help if your ONLY source of empowerment is revealing clothes),  but these looks aren't clothes. Their pieces of fabric connected together. And with many brands that are designed by men (not Prada) it's men who think they know what women want, or just make clothes men want. Isn't it crafty how ''liberation'' can become a veil for exploitation?
                  47 was horrendous for a different reason; it looked like a shopping bag! The sleeves were the handles, and the dress was a big, baggy bag with a too-wide top. Completely un-elegant. 49's dress under the jacket looked interesting, with the light orange and pink fur, but I couldn't see it. The rest were bulky jackets and sheer dresses. I loved the futuristic/art deco prints of this collection. I also loved how excellently ''fall'' many of the looks were. But it was not perfect.

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