Saturday, February 8, 2014

Elie Saab Haute Couture Spring 2014 Review

                     Elie Saab's work is pure couture. Nothing is garish, over the top, or boring. His designs are some of the most beautiful lace creations I have ever seen. Since lace is such a fixture in all of his shows, one would assume they start getting boring and predictable. While not every single look is perfect, every collection breaths new, artistic light into his work.
                Look 1 was a bit too sheer for me, and not enough dress. Look 2, on the other hand, was just plain gorgeous. Pink in it's most elegant and beautiful form. The beading, the light pink on the skirt, the little four petal flowers at the skirt. The skirt, also, was layered and flowed  well. 3's skirt was too wide. It made the top disappear. 5 was another creation made in heaven. The hips of the skirt were very structured, and jutted out in both directions. The skirt had the palest pink, with equally pink lush roses going down the skirt. This was art. Look 8 reminded me too much of a Balmain look, or a Miley Cyrus.
                    10's white beading was shiny and glittery in an incredible way. Of course the top was too sheer, but the jacket was perfection. 11 was an angel dress, with a floating white back. 12 reminded me of a toned down, but still wonderful Thierry Mugler look, with it's unusually structured and floral dress. I didn't think 13's skirt was very manageable. The front looked bulkier than the back!
                   An iconic part of Saab's shows is how the looks follow a strict phase of colors. First the whites, than the reds, than the blacks, and occasionally some green. Look 16 was a tad prom-dress-y, but it was chic enough to be red carpet ready, for any style minded starlet (why don't more of them wear Saab? Jennifer Lawrence would look incredible in a red look!). Maybe a New York City debutante ball? Sheer looks that are covered up by embroidered flowers or leaves are one of my favorite fashion-things. 18 did this expertly. Layered red flowers on the top, and red strips making up the skirt. 20's skirt was far too huge for my liking. The top almost didn't exist! Is it extinct?
                 The first few yellow looks weren't quite exciting for me, but 25 was the prettiest little dress I ever did see! Haha. Gold/yellow, with simple beading. 28, the first blue look, was so pure and, um, SPRING?! The sheer blue peplum top turns into a smooth flowing skirt. 29 was just sheer lace. 30 was a very basic bridesmaid dress. The next few were a little boring, but 33 and 34 were beautiful dark blue dresses, with a mix of thick, dark blue flowers and sheer. 35 was way too much lace. Look 36 was pretty, but it looked too ready to wear for me.
                 With 37, I saw something that I haven't seen in many Saab shows: Multi color outfits. 37's (again :/) skirt was way too big. It's overwhelming and strange! 38 was a lot better; the black, red, and blues were sprinkled all over the top and skirt. 39 was just boring. 40, on the other hand, was incredible. Black/sheer tops dissolves into pink and orange shades, like when you see all of the shades that go into a black pen ink. 43 was luxe, dark, and mysterious. A darkest shade of black turns into white at the very end. Good couture is known for either being very eccentric, or uber-elegant (which eccentric can also be, but in a different form), and this look was a perfect example of a more elegant look.
             For the rest of the looks, they were either too sheer or had jumbo skirts.But this collection was one of my favorites, and was an almost all-standout collection.

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