Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Prabal Gurung Fall 2014

                   Finally....I get to these NY fashion week shows! I will start with Prabal Gurung.
                The first three weren't favorites. I just don't like fur, and even if it's fake, the super fuzzy fur looks can look so obnoxious. I really liked four, though. Deep red and browns gave it a rustic, and very fall look. 5's fur jacket was pretty terrible. Fall is brown leaves and sunsets, squirrels and geese flying away. Not sludge. Look 7 was much better, like sherbet ice cream. Outfits with wraps or really big scarves can sometimes look like sheets or quilts, but this wrap was just small enough to not be overwhelming. 8's colors went together well... but it reminded of a camouflage outfit for hunting. I once wore a hunting hat, and actually thought it looked good. No, it did not. 9's jacket was way too bulky ( and furry) but I simply adored the pants. The mix of colors, prints, and splotches were fun.
              10 was the ugliest fur jacket on earth. The fur  was in all the wrong places, and gray/silver is a horrible shade for fall, mostly because fall, again, usually doesn't involve sludge, at least in it's most beautiful form.12 was a favorite; Again and again I criticize shirts or dresses that are also wraps, but this top was relaxed, chic, and unique. Not everyone walking down the street will be wearing this top, for sure. I didn't see the point in 13's shapes, print, and extra fabric. It looked haphazard and sloppy. After this, a lot of the looks are also boring and sloppy. 18's coat was especially terrible. If your going to do fur, or fake fur, at least attempt to make it look real. This looked like a Gap Kid's coat, one of those coats that a little kids gets dust and gummy bears stuck in it. The cheapness was overwhelming (and I am not referring to the price).
                19 was a modern, interesting one sleeve shirt. The orange and black sparkly stripes reminded me of some of Tom Ford's recent work, with the animal prints and fur. 20 was just the bestest, the same stripes but in the form of 12. Look 21, was the best women's suit I have ever seen, besides a Dior suit. Crimson red is a classic color, and with the silky red collar ( and ruched stripes on the side) was a work of (modern) art. 23, on the other hand, was quite ugly. Gray, when not used correctly, can be the most boring color on earth. It's the color of factories, dental offices, and rainy sidewalks. All happy things, right? Extra silver satin did not help this look's case either. 24 looked ripped up to me. 26 was okay, but the wrapped up top only really looks good with prints. Without it it looks like a sash.
               Look 29, officially, is my favorite. Rich red satin, white/red ostriche feather skirt, tulle sash off to the side....This design could easily masquerade as a couture look. I'm glad ready to wear can be so exciting. Until 33 it was just cleavage tops and dresses. 33's top part was nice, but the way the skirt cutoff and then connected at the very end was not flattering. A quick, sloppy attempt to make it ''interesting''. Look 35 was, sadly, a prom dress. And the cut outs didn't differentiate it either, considering that it's a prerogative for a prom dress to have cut outs nowadays. 36 was different; cut outs were there, but modestly and not overbearing. The shade of red was just right. I loved the almost prickly texture of the sleeves and top. With 37, I would probably get a matching red slip to cover my stomach, just so I could wear it. Colors are excellent, and the texture simply fabulous. Look 38 ended the show on a good note, a similar dress to the previous but very dark blue with the same texture mentioned above. It would also be easier to wear, with it's complete lack of cot outs. YAY!

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