Friday, February 21, 2014

Moschino Fall 2014

             Moschino is, like, the best, 'kay? I am serious though. The blend of street style, high fashion, and just crazy outfits is incredible. The main (and quite obvious reference) of this collection is definitely junk food, in all it's various forms. The references are subtle references... but the M on the back? Not so much. But a brand like Moschino doesn't have one subtle bone in it's body, and  there's nothing wrong with that!
                 1 is a very ''super classic'' Chanel-like look, but in, yes, McDonald's colors. The colors pop out so much, which is probably why Ronald's advertisers have used it for so long. 2 isn't super Mickey D's, but had a more Versace 80's look. 3 was the most obvious McDonald's outfit, with it's heart shaped yellow M and bright red top and skirt. I don't really mind such obvious references, because the colors are perfect and I hate McDonald's, so if they complain about copyright they can shove it. And these looks are so stylish! 5 was another very Chanel look with the yellow and red. 6's cow dress wasn't so great, and the jacket seemed to be just a Chanel copy without the red and yellow. But on the back the words ''DRINK MOSCHINO'' were printed. <3 LOVE <3 Food themes are the best themes. 8 wasn't so fantastic, but I seriously want that purse. 9 had a cool, almost Gaultier feel with the printed words around the jacket and at the bottom of the skirt.
                     After 9, so many of the looks were weird rapper outfits, 90's Chanel looks, fake denim, and plastic coats. One of the most heinous ones was literally just a big white fur coat. 31's purses were super cool, especially with the bumble bee color polka  dots. And everyone loves Spongebob! But with 32, I mean... everyone loves Spongebob, but not necessarily Claire's sweaters? It just looked very cheap. 33's coat looked like pure, tacky plastic. But the leggings were fantastic. Polka dots, again: FABULOUS! 34 was a very annoying filler piece. 38 was a beautiful, regal red and white dress made of liquor ad prints. It was very couture to me, despite being ready to wear. Could you imagine how incredible Moschino couture would be? 40 was a favorite. The folds, colors, and structure were done so well that you almost don't realize the fabric is a fruit loops ad! 42 was even better! Lemon candy yellow with gummy bears! The cape in the back just increased the perfection. I can tell Katy Perry will be wearing this soon!
                          43 looked too much like a food add, and the brownish orange colors were kind of ugly, almost like dog food. 44's cape(?) had the prettiest orange, white, and blue shade; and the whole ''back of the box'' view was really cool. 46 wasn't a favorite. Again, the colors in the advertisement just didn't work. Too much like an advertisement. It didn't have that artistic element. The last look, 48, was one of the best of the collection. A white, billowing wedding dress covered in Nutrition Facts. As with the bests of the collection, the prints weren't overpowering, and didn't hide the dress. It looked like a dress, not a food chart. This collection had such a fun theme, the colors were lush, and the beautiful looks certainly dominated the boring.

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