Thursday, February 20, 2014

Meadham Kirchoff Fall 2014

                     Colors, circus, stripes..these are the themes of the latest Meadham Kirchoff collection. A few times they have strayed away from their colorful smiley faces, hearts, and checkers, but this collection brought back the fun spirit of this label.
                   Look 1 was very stylish. A classic Chanel-like jacket, beautiful pale pink top... and the dress's skirt was cute too. 2 wasn't that exciting, but the shoes were incredible. Glossy rainbow colors stacked on top of each other with one blue bow at the bottom. So fun! I'd love to wear it with my Hudson Bay coat. 3's jacket was too much like a night robe. The color was pretty, but it was usual. 4 was just perfection; A skirt and jacket combo, in red and yellow checker print. I loved how the jacket got a little snug at the middle. 5 was a bit strange to me. Why do we need a sheer top...if we already have a normal top underneath? And the skirt was just a white skirt. Yay. 8 looked so sloppy! Blah! I can get white footie pajamas without the feet anywhere! I couldn't imagine wearing this out in public. 10 on the other hand was perfection; Dark purple and dark pink, in a skirt and jacket combo. Unusual tweed colors are the spice of life! The shirt was a perfect shade of pink too. 11 was just horrendous. It kind of makes me sick that such an ugly outfit can cost so much. Why would I want a purple jacket and skirt that's meant to look likes its 12 sizes too big for me?
                      Look 13 had a very bohemian look. The grape purple top was gorgeous; the sleeves were especially shiny and lacy. The black part took up a lot of the outfit, but it made the purple pop out even more.I didn't really understand 15... a veil, and then a huge black tent? 16 was pretty ugly. It wasn't cat print, or paisley, or anything really. Just shiny/mesh/sheer/weirdness. 17 was much different; it was so glossy and glamorous, and had subtle leopard prints. It flowed beautifully, like liquid medal. 18 was rather odd; I hated the top (sheer!) but I loved the pants. My bell bottom Lee's are incredible, though certainly not THIS wide. If the pants came separately, I would love it. 19 was a pretty, understated slip dress. Black velvet, with gold lining the bottom and detailing the top. The gold reminded me of moss.
                     23 was so beautiful. Pale pink is the greatest color for sheer-ish fabrics (along with red omg). This dress was very ballet-meets-Rochas. 24's skirt was too metallic for me, but that shirt! I adored the 3-D flowers on the sleeves. This is some of the best detailing I have ever seen. A perfect peasant-style fall look. 25 was just a ridiculously inappropriate wedding dress. 26 was the complete opposite; A ridiculously unique, beautiful, fun, PERFECT wedding dress (and veil!). Flow, soft pink lace, pants under skirt, gothic...this had everything needed for a dramatic, incredible dress. One of my favorite looks of this fashion month. 29's shape was quite odd. The hips start right above the knee? And the color was a little to bright for a more casual dress. 30's varying shades of blue in a velvet dress was perfect, and I loved the abstract element of the skirt, which appeared to be a wilted flower (a pretty one). 31 was very clownish.
                  32 was another delightful dress, this time in pink, red, black, and white velvet. Artistic shapes and the mini dress aspect gave off a very 60's feel. 33 appeared very beat up. Vintage is nice, but not when you don't take care of it! 34 looked too much like stacked lace curtains, not clothes. 35 on the other hand had an elegant vintage art deco look; dark and black. 36 was too baby-doll like, with the frills and pale blues and pinks. This is women's clothes, not Victorian era baby apparel! The last 3 looks were just long coats, black sheer,  one very Lisa Frank/meets Juicy Couture dress, and a dumb looking jumbo skirt suit. Despite ending on a negative note, this was one of my favorite collections ever, and a huge step-up from the last Kirchoff collections. I just wish I could afford it all!

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