Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Erdem Fall 2014 Review

                Finally I get to these darned London Fashion Week collections! Erdem is one of my favorites; detailing, prints, and fit are just a few of the expertise this label has. And I finally feel like I've caught up with the collections better than before. Although, of course, that Chanel Couture show is still floating around. I have celebrities to spam post about on Facebook, okay?
               This collection was very velvet-y and lacy. The first look was pitch black and baroque style, and the slits at the shoulders  were a nice touch. 2 was kinda horrible, with a velvet harness coming from the skirt. It did not look right. 3 was incredibly elegant. A black velvet cape, frilly collar, and lace pattern at the bottom. Very Valentino. 4...again with the harness, but this time in white and gold. Another attempt at being ''artsy'', whatever the heck that means. 5 was much better than before, but it reminded me of a table cloth. The lace was not airy enough. 7's lace did not look like anything from the high end brand it actually came from. It looked like a T.J. Maxx spring dress.
                     9 was a favorite. The black was sleek as a seal, and the white at the very top had that awesome wrap-thing. 10 was even better. The black tops and flowing skirt gave it a more casual feel, but the colorful splotches, like I've said about other looks, brought it out of  ''normal clothes'' mode. 11 was not a favorite. The fur was too much like a shag rug, and it reminded me of really early Meadham Kirchoff collections. Those collections are awesome, but they were very eccentric and kitschy (in a good way!) so someone copying that is more likely to have the piece be pure kitsch. Until 15, the looks were kind of boring, sleek black looks. Fall has color, people!!!!! 15 was a silky gold above knee dress, with subtle flowers. Karla Martinez de Salas, W magazine's Fashion Market and Accessories Director predicted that the next big thing would be, instead of little black dresses, little gold dresses. I certainly hope so, if they all look like this one!
                  16 was the same print and color as 15, but with no sleeves. Too boxy and not elegant. It just didn't seem feminine. 17's color reminded me of galaxy print, and the jacket was an exact copy of Alexander Wang for Balenciaga. 18 and 19's outfits had splotches that made the clothes look dirty. And 20 was a copy of the Marc Jacobs dress Miley Cyrus wore to the Met Costume Gala for Punk: Chaos to Couture. They just added some sparkles. 22 was rather horrendous. I can safely say that I officially hate gray looks for fall. It is the most un-fall color on earth. What about the orange, red, green, and yellow leaves? Brown acorns? Where does sludge come in? Along with being gray, this look had cut outs at the elbow. Was that supposed to make it interesting? Apparently they also forgot that fall is cold! 23 wasn't all that exciting, but I loved 24. Very colorful, almost like those fall leaves I was talking about. The print also reminded me of the Vivian Girls, the outsider artist Henry Darger's characters living in a world of militant young girls fighting armies of men. I have a feeling this dress was more inspired by Asian art, but that's what it did for me.
                  25 had the same print, but seriously...we still aren't over obnoxious cleavage dresses? 26's dress was a perfect sheer/black piece, obviously inspired by Oscar de La Renta and Valentino. 28 was such a copy of the last Louis Vuitton collection. Ridiculous! 30 on the other hand was very elegant. The brocade-like black fabric was so pretty, and the tiny rosettes gave it that high fashion touch. 31's shorts jumpsuit was gorgeous and velvet-y, with a fabulous baroque touch. I saw some recent Chanel inspiration, but it was inspiration, not copying, thank goodness. Look 32 had one of my favorite trends, the sheer part at the collar and above the chest. Love, love, love. The red wine shade gave it the perfect mix of subtle and glamorous. 33 reminded me too much of hotel wall paper. Man, I have seen a lot of that in clothes! It must be all that traveling these designers do. The last two looks of this collection were very spring like, with the blues and reds. The last one was a hotel wall paper print dress. Again. 
              This collection had a few copies, filler pieces, and just disappointing looks. But as with many collections, the standouts made it worth it. And there was quite a few of those.


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