Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2014 Review

                    Part of the reason I am so excited for this review is because my city, Chicago, is getting a Dolce & Gabbana store soon! How cool will it be to see the stuff in these collections, in person? Super cool, my friend! And this collection looks pretty interesting, so let's get started!
                Look 1 was a maroon poncho with felt-like floral patches, and one apple at the top. How much more fall can you get, with an apple? The silvery black snood was perfect for the weather. I could actually imagine feeling warm in this outfit, which is unusual for fashion collections nowadays. 2 was more of an early fall dress, dark black with Andy Warhol-style flowers. 3 was even better, with the Little Red Ridinghood cape, also with a woodland scene on the front. Beautifully designed, artistic, and so ''fall'' it hurts. In a good way. 6 was way too furry for me. The shade of red was gorgeous, but the brown fur on the pockets was  odd. It doesn't have to be super artsy in order to be beautiful. Super artsy is a great way to go a lot of the time, but not always. 7 looked cheap. Gray (my least favorite color, at least in these recent fashion month collections), with... keys? Seriously? No thought went into this.
           Until 12, it was more keys and filler. 12 had a slight artistic lean, but it was too revealing, which for this season goes beyond any personal preference. It's cold, to put it plainly. 14 was the worst of the key looks. It reminded me of an Ed Hardy shirt! The keys, the flowers, the white squiggleys... And the colors were too dark. It also looked like a scrap booking table at Michael's. 17 was much different; it wasn't the world's most ''fall'' look, but it was so beautiful and free. Light blue maxi dress, with lush pink roses. I think it's more of an end of summer look, very September. 18 was the final product of the scrap booking table; far too childish, and this is coming from someone who loved the spongebob and McDonald's themed Moschino collections (only a few I didn't prefer).21's patches were out of place; Very out of place. 27's patches didn't work either, and many of the looks since 21 were filler. Why make a collection with 70+ pieces and put in so much filler? You could easily have a 30, maybe even 40 piece collection (the usual size, I may add) if you subtract the filler. 28 was much different; very beautiful, with it's purple fur, gold, and jewels. Regal, but not necessarily baroque. 34 was plain and a complete copy of the red suit in the last Dior ready to wear collection, despite being black. That's how similar the shape was.
               I loved 38; Marc Jacobs-style metal sparkle, with velvety flowers in brown, yellow, white, and red. The coats in this collection have been perfect for fall so far! 42 was just depressing. You can't even give your filler buttons? At least give us some buttons! 43 was another look with way too much going on, and the gray, white, and black resembled sludge. Sludge, with little keys scattered around. Like a bad windbreaker pattern. 45's patched flowers, again, out of place.48 was way too scrapbook. Say no to scrapbook! 52 was pure Medieval costume, with the metallic snood. Costumes are not outfits. I love costumes, but not in shows of outfits. 58 was a bit Medieval themed as well, but like an outfit also. The red, sheer-ish shade was beautiful, and the corseted waist accentuated the curves wonderfully. High fashion but peasant style. 62 was a definite favorite, with the chick yellow, brown branches, and pink blossoms. The shorter length of the dress was very 60's, and perfect for those days when summer break is over, but not necessarily the warm weather.
                 I thought 65's collar was too dramatic and sharp. 67 had the corseted waist of 58, but in aquamarine. I didn't like this one because the skirt was too restrictive. 58 was free flowing, and this was more like a wrap. 70, the last, was also the best. A fitted top billows out into a deep, lush red dress of owls, branches, and flowers. It also had a cape, which enhanced the gorgeous drama even more. Beautiful pieces like the last one made this collection special, but so much filler, keys (oh how I detest those hideous keys!) and childish scrapbook style patches made it quite tedious to sort through.

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