Friday, February 14, 2014

Zac Posen Fall 2014

                   This collection surprised me. When I think of Zac Posen, I usually think big gowns, that are also subtle. But in this collection, we got to see more office wear, and at the end some gowns. Many designs do almost all-gown collections (which are incredible), but even if you can afford that gown, you can't wear it everywhere! Work wear is important!
                   I loved 1's sharp shoulders and fitted waist. Brown and tan work well together as a shade. 3  wasn't a favorite; gray is so BORING!  4 wasn't terribly exciting, but 5 was fabulous. The black, the wide sleeves, the smoothness... It was just wonderful. This is a top for that woman who doesn't wear wacky out their clothes, but clothes that are right at the tip of stylish and fashionable. Fashionable just enough to escape blending in.7's color was beautiful, but the rectangle shape of the skirt went too far from a person's natural shape. Outfits that exaggerate natural shape (Mugler, McQueen, Vivienne Westwood) are fabulous, but when it completely goes against it? Not so much. Look 9 was a plain black dress, that makes you notice it just from the cleavage. I didn't like 10 at all. It looked sloppy, boring, and not glamorous at all. Even the color just felt dead.
              12 was elegant and glamorous; Gray is best in satin. We also had some good inspiration going on, with the chest. Gaultier Fall 2014 Couture, anyone? 13's cape was an attempt at being exciting, but the bland shade and no detail whatsoever didn't help it's case. No structure, either! 15 was just boring. 16's collar was way too big; but if the collar can be folded, it's a gorgeous silver ball gown. 17 reminded me so much of a Thierry Mugler look; I keep seeing outfits inspired by him; it's so cool! The peach shade was very fall-leaf, and the sleeves gave it that otherworldly look. Tiny trains are another trend I like, on this dress especially. I felt like 18's mermaid skirt was too unwieldy. I can totally picture myself tripping over it. And it looked bulky, which doesn't look good on any dress. 19's orange shade was far too florescent for me, and wrinkles...ick.
              20 had a little bit of the wrinkles, but this gown was so dramatic, dark, and mysterious. The wrinkles actually looked okay! They were used as details. I can't wait to see this on some movie stars. 21 is the outfit the wearer of 20 would put on when it's time to dance; dramatic, dark, myserious, AND flexible. The black was as sleek as a seal, and the cape made it even better. If 20 was dramatic, 22 is a soap opera star. Aquamarine, jumbo skirt, and the skirt was folded into columns. It was almost bridal. Look 24 was yet another dark and mysterious look, but this one showed half the leg and puffed out even more. The subtle lines at the bottom of the skirt were a nice touch. 25, the last look, unfortunately had a pretty boring color and was too wrinkled.
            Some outfits were disappointing, but the beautiful looks made it completely worth it. With the dramatic shades and shapes of the gowns, I can easily see Posen pursuing couture someday.

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