Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Rodarte Fall 2014

                I'm sorry I've been a bit lazy with posting; I started the couture show reviews late (and still haven't gotten around to Chanel!) and the NY shows keep multiplying like rabbits. I'll definitely do the Chanel show when I'm done with the rest of fashion month.
               I have been waiting anxiously for the Rodarte show. Rodarte always looks different from all the other shows. Look 1 was awesome; the nerdy little beret was very fancy, and the bright gold sash was superb. The rest of the look, especially pants, also: AWESOME! 2 was a copy of Chanel dresses from the Fall 2013 couture collection, in tan. 3 was different, and beautiful. Soft yellow, frills, bee hive columns on the top.... 5 was a blue dress in the same kind of style, but the skirt and top were way to long and wide. Lazy. Look 7 was just ugly, and casually boring. Wow, I can't believe it... a red sweater...and ooohhh, a vest. So ''exciting.'' 8's sleeveless coat on the other hand was interesting, in the way a Comme Des Garcons look is; beauty in it's mis -shapenness, and missing parts. 9 was so sloppy and unappealing! Yuck! It reminded me of the way some of the teenagers (yes I am one but I precociously consider myself stylish ;) )  where I live dress, and that is never a good thing to be reminded of.
              At first 10 excited me; It looks modern, cool, and inspired by art... just like the previous Prada collection. I hate copying in design, art, music... it's bad all around. On a much different note, I loved look 11. Again it had that torn-up-but-not-quite look. Cut off sleeves, dark blue and brown. The top was pretty ugly though. Like a robot top. 13 was not a very notable piece, more filler. Plaid, fluffy collar, striped shirt. And shimmery gray pants. Should I pretend to be excited? There were more looks that copied of Prada, which irks me. Inspiration (even from a fellow designer) is fine. But when it's that overt? Please. Be original! If you can't come up with enough ideas, have a small collection! Five gorgeous looks are better than hundreds of boring ones. Luckily for me, I liked 17. This was an example of inspiration, not copying. It would be easy to just name Garcons as an inspiration (it looks torn up! It drapes!) but I saw more of McQueen's suits, with the plunging and curved neck line.
            19 was beautiful. The metallic blue shade looked like a sky, and the collar's fluff was subtle. 20 was basically a Lisa Frank folder as clothing (my sister does have a Lisa Frank coat...)21 was the best coat. It combined the glitter, cut off sleeves, and furry collar of all the other coats excellently. 22 was okay, but it came across as a stereotypical-Madonna style-80's look, but under stated. You either do 80's or you don't. Make up your mind! The next few looks are boring copies of 22. 26 was downright ugly. Way too long, ugly, plain...the lace and print were terrible. 29 was different; it had so much going on: sheer skirt with daisies, gold glitter, black/orange fabric, bare shoulder top... I adored it. I don't know how all this went together, but it did and looked fabulous. 30 was even better. Same style, but in emerald green with a silver mini under the sheer part.
             32 was a dark black, edgy dress. Glitter, velvet(?) and semi sheer black skirt. I loved it because it was gorgeous, but not obnoxious. It speaks for itself and the wearer. It's so good, it doesn't need cut outs (which, let's face it, is just a method of using less fabric) or SUPER BLING. 34, another favorite, had a relaxed black top with a pale purple/pink skirt that also had two jumbo white polka dots. Polka dots have always been a favorite of mine (especially in the case of Yayoi Kusama's work) for their artistic element mixed with playfulness.
              35 most certainly was not a favorite of mine whatsoever. It isn't a dress, it's a Star Wars fan dress for Comic Con! Unless you like Star Wars, how are you going to wear this? I really disliked the other Star Wars themed dresses. Like I said, if your not a fan, how would you wear it? Over all this was a great collection, and my favorite Rodarte collection so far.

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