Monday, March 10, 2014

Miu Miu Fall 2014

                   I have been busy beyond belief lately, and some upcoming tests are seriously freaking me out! But today I'll keep the PFW reviews coming, and later today or tomorrow I'll have a photo post up, for a 60's summer dress I just picked up.For now though I will review the latest Miu Miu collection (hopefully not starring Kendall Jenner).
                  The first few looks were really awesome early spring looks; pastel blue, pinks, and light white jackets. I can totally see these still being in street style blogs in spring 2015. But they just didn't look warm enough for winter, or fall in some places (HELLO, CHICAGO!). Despite this, they were beautiful despite some skepticism about their seasonal wear -ability. And the good thing is that they have multiple uses: if the fall/winter weather where you live isn't frigid, their fine, and pretty much anywhere they can be worn in spring. They have range. 6 seemed like a copy of all those big, bulky ''fur rug'' coats I've seen lately. Very Cruella Deville with the dalmatian spots. 7 was confusing with it's color, stripes, and quilting. It looked very summer sportswear. It seemed like a jogging dress, if there's such a thing. Not fall at all. 8 was very manly and cumbersome. Utilitarian. Until 13 the looks felt like filler, just nothing stood out or seemed terribly exciting. 13's vest didn't look very elegant or feminine by itself, but with a long sleeve shirt or something it would follow the vest trend street style blogs have been stuck to. Do you remember those Proenza Schouler vests? They were everywhere! Dark red and dark blue are very fall colors also.
             17 was a beautiful pink sweater with white at the top and sheer above the chest. Pink, simple, and stylish. So Miu Miu! 18 was a cool street look. A leopard print coat, with a matching mini skirt and 80's style puffy red and striped jacket underneath. The layering of the coat made it especially warm! 19's jacket was a gorgeous, short brocade in cobalt blue with two stripes of animal print at the top. The dark color was very winter. Why do we associate blue with winter so much? Snow is white, sludge is gray, the sky is usually overcast... but I still get a winter-y feeling from blue.
              I really didn't like 24. It looked way too long to me, and the colors were kind of dark and depressing, like winter itself. Fashion serves a fantastical purpose too! Not JUST realism! The print of the dress underneath was boring, like a toned down art deco hotel. That's what they look like in movies anyway. 25 didn't improve from 24 much, considering that it was GRAY. And gray like a gray crayon,  not silvery, or one of the very few pleasing gray shades. 26 was completely different; this was the best jacket in the collection so far. Pink metallic, with a paisley pattern and silver stripes. Absolutely beautiful. I am a bit confused with the ''spring'' -ness of this collection, though. But again, you don't have to throw it away after the winter! 28 was styled in a really cute way, but the separates didn't look very unique on their own. Red and blue sweater? Seen it before! Again with 29, the sweater looked typical. Like any random winter sweater print. And why was the dress so rectangular?
                30 was a shorter Cruella coat. 31 was really artsy and cool, especially with the knitted, spiky texture. But it would never look right by itself, obviously. What if you drop something? I'm pretty sure its supposed to be just  a top though.  Its all good. 32 was a bit odd, especially with the ringed shower curtain peeking out as a skirt. The red sweater did have a really cool eyelet pattern though. I love the sweater as a separate. 33 was a complete Proenza Schouler copy! Ugh! After this we have a lot more Schouler references, but more inspired by  street style pictures, I think. They didn't look like total copies. The rain coats weren't that exciting though. How hard is it, honestly, to get a tinted clear rain coat? 39 was super cute, like a 60's Edie Sedgwick dress. Simply stylish. I loved the sheer collar  above the chest in dark yellow, and the silvery pink paisley print with the beading at the top. The last look was fabulous, especially the dress underneath. White with swipes of tan and yellow, with little sequin-y beads at the bottom.
                 This was a really beautiful collection, if not a a bit confusing, seasonally.

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