Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Zac Posen spring 2014

           Along with Marc Jacobs, Zac Posen is one of my FAVORITE ready to wear designer. And this collection confirmed my favoritism!
           These designs definitely exemplified spring. Look three is my favorite. A very light yellow, flowing, with blue floral accents. I think I love it a little too much. Last night, literally, I dreamt I wore it! 8 was another mind blowingly beautiful look. Kind of the same idea as 3, but pink and floral, with a deeper v neck. Look 9 was a bit confusing for me. Usually when I really like something, I can say, ''Oh, that's my favorite color'', or ''That skirt reminds me of *insert era*''. But this time I have no idea why I like this dress! It even has something I usually don't appreciate in clothes; a weird folding, in a random place. Look 11 has a gorgeous Winter Fairy affect. The sleeves splay out into wings, and the metallic silver gives a pretty, demure attitude. 13 was a bit to alien-like. The structure and rouching makes the wearer look abnormally slim. 15 was kind of ugly. Gold is a hard color, and there was too much folding.
            Look 16, on the other hand, WOW. Extremely thickly layered, in an emerald/metallic color, with florals. There was definitely some Dior going on, with the A-line and minimal floral, but it was inspirational, and not an outright imitation. After this look, the clothing gets a little boring. Brides maid dress after yet another brides maid dress. Other looks had this ugly wrinkled look. Like they needed to be ironed? A lot of designers use holes, rips, or unraveling wool to add an artistic touch. But this just looked wrong! FINALLY, when we get to 34, it gets gorgeous again. Beautiful rosy color, with slight Victorian era style embroidery. The layered top gave the illusion of stacked skirts. A definite favorite.
             The last look, the wedding dress ( which is the traditional end to any fashion show), was a rather disappointing. Yet again, it looked SO wrinkled! If asked whether this dress was from the Salavation Army or one actually from said thrift store, 167% of people would probably get it wrong. I can't imagine someone wearing this for their wedding.
            I know with an ending like that it sounds like I hated this collection. Honestly? The wedding dress and a few bridesmaid dresses DID NOT ruin it for me. Designs like look 3 and 34 make collections worth while.
        Also, my heart and prayers go out to anyone mourning loved ones who died on 9/11. I was super little when it happened, but I can still remember feeling terrified and stunned at how cruel people could be. Hopefully we can all work together so that beautiful cities like New York and events like the Boston Marathon can be safe and happy places for all.

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