Saturday, September 21, 2013

Moschino Spring 2014

             Hello, peoples! I had a fun day today. I went to Vegan Mania in Chicago, where I got two compliments (and a photo) of my jumbo fish sweater which I previously posted. I also got another Portugal apron, but in red with Partridge family style birds, from an estate sale. Anyways, Milan fashion week waits for no one, so here goes another review!
              Love, love, love to infinity this collection. Ohmigosh, like, WHAT?! It was so much fun! So many collections just send ghost like models down the runway in yet another gray sweater, but this was so fun! Facial expressions. Dancing. Swinging. Another interesting aspect was that each look included two modelson the runway, so technically two looks are presented in each picture. Look 2 is definitely a standout. Teddy bear hat with teddy bear necklace? The hat also has a sea anemone effect. 4 was plastic-y, but done in a tasteful way, without being all Fashion sucks! Let's wear garbage bags! 9 had a fancy fitted blazer with ruffled neckline. Both looks of 11 were plain delightful. White, gold, and silvery, outlined with feathery fabric.  Then the other look was a thickly layered black tulle skirt with a glittery black jacket, with chains. 80's Chanel and Gaultier put in one. Some of these looks started to get a little boring, and others overdid the chunky 3-D flower trend. By 23 we got back to being interesting.
            The black look of 23 was black and lacy. A bit negligible, but much better than the usual sheer mesh shirt. 27's white look had the prettiest layered skirt. Highly textured pieces look obnoxious a lot, but this one was so elegant and Dior first collection. 29's fluffy black dress was a definite favorite, wispy, gothic, very McQueen. 31 depended too much on a print. Prints and other art can be used in fashion (very well, in fact) but letting the print overtake it is never good. Look 33's quirky mix of yin and yang symbols, exclamation points, and hearts was a spunky piece. 28 was not very wearable, but was a fun art piece to add to the fun of the collection.
            All in all this collection was a great reminder of how interesting shows used to be, and hopefully will be again soon. Shows like Betsey Johnson's early shows should never be forgotten. A new collection of clothing is something to be celebrated, not dragged across a runway like it's some routine. Yay for fun!

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