Saturday, September 7, 2013

Prabal Gurung Spring 2014 Collection

            Target collections, let's face it, are never all that great. And in my opinion, it's not a failing by the designers. When you have a huge company ask you to design for them, it usually means ''Please sprinkle it with the style of your more high end stuff, but make it out of plastic and fake cotton. And make it sleazy enough for a celebrity sponsor.'' On another note, this collection JUST for Prabal Gurung was very lush, beautiful, and ladylike (a good attribute, at lest to me).
           Looks 1-3 were boring, but look four had some great inspiration but not copying Schiaparellli action going on. The surrealist/modern look was very appealing. Five was a nice alternative to the hideous mock motor cycle jackets that have been so popular. Looks 6 through 8 were lush pink and lavender looks. Look seven looked a little baggy and unappealing. 6 had a nice form fitting affect. Look 8 was the lone rounded-schoulder jacket to impress me. Those others are hideous. Look 12 had cut outs and extra fabric where it definitely was not needed.
           Look 17 was my favorite look. It is a little plastic-y, which I usually don't like, but as long as it doesn't smell like a new shower curtain, I love it! The printed roses and black and yellow pairing went well together. Pieces that have a very all over the place affect have always interested me. They're very ''un-organized'', but it somehow fits together. Look 18  was a bit too Chanel-Givenchy copying for me. I honestly couldn't tell if look 21 was a sweater or not, but it reminds me of those totally unique handmade 80's sweaters with 3-D affects. <3 LOVE <3
          22 was way too mish mashed. Look 24 had a gorgeous pale blue spring look. Relaxed and freeing, but not immodest. 27 was much too boxy and unflattering. Look 31 was a pretty dress, but the objectifying, and, let's face it, not sexy at all affect was horrible. You could EASILY pull up those sleeves! Look 34 was another favorite of mine. Structured and form fitting, with some Raf Simons floral webbing thing going on. 35 was elegant, gothic, and feathery. Which equal awesome, remember? Look 37 was simple, modern, and gentle, but still very powerful. A quality great designers like Dior and Chanel shared.  

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