Sunday, September 29, 2013

Jean Paul Gaultier sprign 2014

               Sorry I haven't been posting for a while! I just got caught up hanging out with some new friends in the youtuber fandom. So yeah I've basically been spending hours at the park screaming about Alfie Deyes and Caspar Lee. Oh well. Fashion waits for no one but me, so thank you for being patient for a new post! Here I go:
               I honestly think fashion shows have some hope now. Lately it's been so boring. I have to admit I think I' the only one who didn't really like the Rick Owens show all that much? Not because it wasn't serious, and I think it's awesome to have some healthy sized models on the runway, but the clothes weren't that great, and in my opinion a good show shouldn't just have great clothes, or just be fun. It has to be a mix! Gaultier shows are always interesting AND beautiful, with all of the celebrity appearances and such. The American Idol-esque judges were so much fun, too.
              Now, on to the clothes. The first few looks weren't so exciting, but the creative use of leather was fun. Usually designers just make a leather jacket with one extra zipper. Look 12's giant wavy skirt came in a gorgeous shade of beige. One of those outfits you can't not notice. 14 was a favorite. Tan with little twig thingies all over it. It looked very couture to me (EVEN THOUGH IT'S NOT!). 21 had an interesting way of connecting it's skirt to the jacket, by having a part of the jumbo collar connect with the top layer of the dress and go all the way  around. Look 25's marble/bubble pants had a nice relaxed look without being harem pants. Harem pants....*shudder* 31 obnoxiously copied off Givenchy. In W magazine they tried to say it was the other way around, with Givenchy's fall couture collection copying off, but I disagree. Gaultier's spring 1994 barely looks like Givenchy's collection. Cheating sucks, people!
          I love, love, loved look 36's half dress/half pant look. 45 and 46 had a colorfully sleek look. Pretty. 47 was another favorite of mine. I love ruffles, and fall colors. This collection was definitely better than many of the previous collection. It was pretty boring though with all the leather and sheer unrealistic sheer pieces, but as with most collections, the standout pieces made up for it.

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