Friday, September 6, 2013

Prim and Glossy

NEW YORK FASHION WEEEEEEKKKK!!!!!! This week actually kicks off fashion month. Next week is Milan, than Paris, get it? I just love it! The first show I will be reviewing is the Creatures of The Wind spring/summer 2014 collection.
     This collection, admittedly, wasn't terribly exciting. Maybe i'm just not a huge ready to wear fan. The glittery shirts imitated Marc Jacobs much too much. A little while ago, I was pretty naive to the idea of another designer being a copier. Honestly? My naivety has been shattered. Does anyone remember that Meadham Kircchoff collection with the very baroque style and leg length boots? A DIRECT imitation of Vivienne Westwood's autumn/winter '94 collection. At first I said ''Vivienne Westwood is so lame! How could she  copy them so blatantly?!''  Then I remembered Meadham Kircchoff didn't even exist then. Oh woe.
       Anyway, one of my favorite shirts from this collection was from Look 24. Silver-sparkly, but with a little floral accent coming from the collar. Look 29 has way too much cleavage (along with baggy pants- WILL IT EVER END???!!!), and was very plain. Direct copy of Raf Simons first Cruise Collection. :ppppppp.
       The last look, 33, renewed my hope. A slight corset affect in the middle, with a flowing beige skirt. You know how Seventeen magazine is constantly throwing around ''Polished Punk'' as an outfit descriptor? Call me a master wordsmith, but I have invented: Polished Bohemian! Look 33 definitely fit this description.
       The rest of the collection carried on with the color stacking trend. I honestly can't blame anyone for copying, since everyone from Dior to Target is doing it. This collection was very polished and modern. I didn't like everything about this collection, but I did enjoy it's introduction of a modern style. It didn't rip off the 60's or 20's, like so many collections do. If this is to become the style of the 21st century, with a little polishing (and more originality!) I think we have hope. As long as Bieber ditches his snapback top hats.

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