Monday, September 23, 2013

Giorgio Armani Spring 2014

              Milan has been producing some of my favorite collections so far. Prada was like the most beautiful Orange Dream (pun INTENDED). Well, today this delightful week ended, and tomorrow begins the grand finale of fashion month-PARIS FASHION WEEK. Fasten your seat belts, and get ready for collections like: Chanel! Dior! Alexander McQueen! Undercover (a brand I have not reviewed yet-screams fun!)! Til then, I have one last Milan review for you all: Giorgio Armani!
              Look 1 was a nice one to start off with, being a favorite of mine. It has that calm polished look, like something you could wear to a job interview, but it still has style and shine. Metallic and plaid, with a nice shell necklace. After this, it's pretty monotonous. Blue and pink blazers... sheer skirts...blah. Finally in 14 the delight is back. A relaxed red and blue sweater, with little bits of white sprinkled in to simulate snow. Here in Chicago it's expected to have snow in spring, so no confusion with a sweater for spring intended. 15's wavy gray and blue jacket was the perfect mix of Prabal Gurung and Marc Jacobs, and of course Armani. Inspiration is a beautiful thing. It also takes a lot of talent. How do you take things you've seen before, and create something new?
            For the longest time we go through a weird marbalized and floral stage. A long, long stage. 31 and 32's artistically painted suits were elegant and chic. 33's curvy pink jacket seemed too boxy.  Putting curves that aren't there, there, doesn't make sense, and looks costume-y. 35 was one of my favorites, with it's pale pink and blue flowing A line dress. The perfect spring piece. Look 38 was the perfect look for spring in the office. Look 39 was the best suit, with it's red outlined roses. 42 was just too sloppy for appreciation. 45 through 49 were delightful deep and light blue sleeveless a line dresses, with light flower prints. The two looks of 53 had a glitzy dark blue flair. 55's looks could have been beautiful, if not for the there-only-for-shock-value sheer. The very last look, 56, had a Target prom dress print and an oversize wrap.
           All in all, this collection was one of the best. Not perfect, but the standout out pieces were some of the most beautiful I have seen, which makes up for a few filler pieces.

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