Thursday, September 12, 2013

Marc by Marc Jacobs spring 2014

               Boring, boring, bland, OH FINALLY HERE WE GO! That was basically the dialogue between me and myself that occured while looking at this collection. Right up until look 25, everything was so predictable and boring. Sequins are definitely over done in Marc Jacobs collections, anda I feel bad for anyone hoping for interesting menswear from this collection. You might as well go to slightly more feminine Men's Wearhouse.
               I like 25 because of the glitter. You know how when gas leaks out of a car and gets left on a driveway? And glistens in the sun? Believe me, it's beautiful. Look 26 was a windbreaker/sweatshirt, and running shorts. I love windbreakers, and the popping colors was darling. 28 is a red, silky, and slouchy dress. The sewn-on vest exemplified the 90's theme of the collection. Look 30...where have I seen that before? Oh yeah, everywhere. Collection filler! arrrrggghhhh. 31 was kind of a women's version of the previous look, but underneath the boring coat there was either a dress or jumpsuit with a rhinestone design. It looked like something pretty. Why did they cover it up with something so boring? The blazer of 33 was a favorite. I hate the slouchy pants ( they scream ''this doesn't fit me!''), but the blazer is soft and silky, in one of my favorite colors. 36 had an awesome patchwork-miss matched pattern from the 80's thing going on. Light pink and blue was a great color combo for this look.
              Look 38 was so tacky. A varsity jacket has been done a billion too many times, and the M and J patches were just there for a ''Ooh look I'm wearing Marc Jacobs!'' thing. Look 44 was my favorite. Metallic and silky, with glittery stars. This was definitely the stand out piece for this collection. 45 was awesome too. A dark black jumpsuit with shorts and the stars. I think the material was velvety, too, which makes it even more beautiful! 47 was a maxi dress version of the jumpsuit. The loud star design does not work for this dress.
               I really expected something a bit more exciting this time around. Jacobs has done some amazing collections for his own labels and Louis Vuitton, but most of this collection was so boring. Hopefully we get more colors, less sequins, and more rhinestones in the next collection!
              Some people were wondering where I view these collections. If you just go on the Vogue  website, all of the current collections for NYC will be there. The Vogue website is a great source for all stuff fashion. One of my favorites are their Vogue Voices videos, which are interviews with people like Ricardo Tisci and Alber Elbaz.

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