Friday, September 27, 2013

FINALLY! Christian Dior spring 2014

                Personally? I was sooo worried this collection would suck, or at least be really boring. So many of the recent collections were downright ugly, duplicates of other collections, or just boring. Luckily this collection was none of the above! Classic Dior style, everything. Since it's ready to wear it's a bit more tame, but still beautiful.
               Look 4 was  a definite favorite. A perfect combination of black lace and pink. I really like Raf Simons ability to use abstract shapes in a tasteful way, instead of it looking ridiculous. 11 was the perfect mix of chic and glam. A baggy gray dress with a peak of satin on the bust. <3 LOVE <3 Another favorite of mine about this colletion is the jewelry. It goes right with the floral staging of the show, and is sure to be a hit with accessories enthusiasts. Most of the blazers and jackets were a bit boring. I would've liked to see more modern interpretations of the classic bar jacket.
                29-31 didn't seem like dresses I would usually like, but the simple but carefully paired colors worked wonderfully. Yellow on top of black, green on top of pink. 37 was happily nostalgic of the classic ballooned out a line from the days of Dior himself. It also had a little modern twist, with the caged in lines. Look 38 was even better. A nicely structured dress. Multi colored roses and and tulle sticking out of the front in lines. This look had a nice couture effect.
                 42 was shockingly beautiful. Half the perfect shade of deep yet pale pink, half pink and black beading over pink. I loved it so much. I've always (okay at all times of my life) hated it when people say something that isn't actually couture ''so couture!'' but this ready to wear dress was just that. A house that also producers couture can get away with these things. 43 and 44 were this previous dress's blue versions, 44 including silver. Equally beautifully, and equally hard to choose which is best! Look 45 was one of the most interesting pieces. From the front it looks like any Dior jacket they would add, but then you realize in the back it has silky blue fabric coming out. Perfect modern interpretation of a classic.
                Aside from a very, very few blah pieces, this collection was the best Paris collection so far. Original, classic, and GORGEOUS!

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