Wednesday, September 4, 2013

I have been so busy!!!!

   My tenth year of homeschool has begun!!!! Cue the stress and frantic searching!! Basically I've had to catch up on way too much biology...which is, I must admit, interesting, but very tedious. I also saw the One Direction movie, which I loved. I wore my 1D knee length socks, in case you wondering. Aside from the super creepy skeevy grown men flirting with 11 year olds (they were pretending to be fans)  in the movie theater, it was pretty fun. They made great choices in what music to use in the concert parts, like ''She's Not Afraid'' and their cover of ''Teenage Dirtbag.''
      I have also had plenty of time to cultivate an obsession with YouTubers. Alfie, Jack and Finn, Zoella, GloZell, and Tyler Oakley (that dude is so famous, when he stood up at a 1D concert, the whole stadium started cheering). Jack and Finn and Alfie are definitely my favorites. Are any of you guys YouTuber fans?
      Anyways, this is my mom's Elvis vest from the 90's. I've never been a huge Elvis fan, but in honor of posers everywhere, I think it looks plain cool. My mom also has a wool cat vest, which I'll search for soon and show you guys.

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  1. Love the Elvis vest! The tshirt is great, too :)