Saturday, September 14, 2013


         My (official) last NY fashion week review. Unfortunately, it's ending on a disappointing note. When doing women's wear, why would you need to completely destroy the feminine silhouette into a strange Middle Ages get up? Well, at least we know what to wear for Halloween!
         Up until look 12, everything was pretty gnarly. 12 wasn't very exciting, but the dark green with leaves was a good look for semi-formal spring. 13 was elegant and polished, but the tassels were unnecessary. 16 was one of my favorites. Spring is always seen as the season that begins to warm up and get us out of our bland wool jackets, which many of this fashion week's collections went along with. But (especially in Chicago) it can be super cold right up until late May. The jacket of 16 was a perfect mix of spring plants icy weather. The deep red and blue colors would also work for fall. 17 was Super 8 hotel wall paper turned into clothing, with the jumbo green leaves. Looks 18-21 continued the wallpaper theme, some with added tassels. 24's jumpsuit also had the wallpaper, but the red background with blue leaves, and sewn on black leaves at the top, was actually more aesthetically pleasing.
          25's black dress was more black dress and less leaves, but just enough to not be just a black dress. One look that KEPT coming up were these puffy black jackets with tassels, over and over again. They look way too wrinkled and Renaissance Fair costume. 28 and 29 were wanna-be McQueen looks. Look 32's purse was fabulous (minus the infamous tassels) with the beautiful pink and gray petals. But what the heck is that sweatshirt with a Microsoft screensaver on the front? And on we traverse through tassels, McQueen rip offs, and various levels of collection filler. With look 39 we FINALLY leave the tassels behind, to create a gorgeous Victorian/Wednesday Addams dress. Lace, frills, and long collars...:)
           42 did look a bit boring, but also like a dress that would look better if only the wearer fit into it. The rest were just sheer ''oh my gosh she didn't!'' shock pieces. I was pretty disappointed by this collection. Marc Jacobs is really talented. You don't own two versions of your own label and become the creative director of Louis Vuitton if you can't design. But, I think our culture's attitude towards clothes and fashion is sloppy and sleazy (and let's face it people, NOT ACTUAL CLOTHING!!) so designers just assume if they throw some shirts on the runway and scrunch up the sleeves, people will buy it. And unfortunately, it's true.

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