Thursday, September 12, 2013

Shine Bright

              Marchesa is the ready to wear version of an optical illusion. Everything about this brand SCREAMS couture. Even the name (Rodarte sounds like a very couture name too)! As fashion week ends, this will be (probably) my last NYC fashion review. Enjoy!
              Look 2 is a light and airy, blue, sheer mermaid (with fabric underneath). Gold and white embroidery throughout, with puffed out sleeves. Many collection struggle to exactly match their season, but this piece would be perfect for a black tie spring event. The frilly sideways opening of look 6 was a wonderful feature. The blue frills made it look like a literal flower. Look 7's skirt was too sheer for me. A maxi skirt is supposed to be really long and covering, not super revealing. If you don't want to cover up, than don't! 8's shirt was much better than the skirt. The skirt was too typical and Target-like, but the shirt was very ornate and bohemian. 10 was ugly, like a fake modern ''art'' piece from World Market. 13 had that fairy style I appreciated in the Zac Posen collection. White, layered, and wispy, especially in the sleeves, giving that winged affect. Look 14 seems a bit like a novelty piece, but still is beautiful. The huge stacked lilac/white flowers with rather large skirt looks so fun!
               15 was way too much, with no structure. They basically  took the skirt of the dress I just mentioned and turn it into whatsit? Look 18 did a very, very bad job of ripping off Chanel. Look 19 evoked someone being thrown out a window in their pajamas, somehow surviving, and magically ending up in Bryant Park for New York Fashion week. And no, I do not exaggerate. Have you ever seen a cartoon like Looney Tunes or Woody Woodpecker, and a character attacks a bird, thus being covered in feathers? Look 21! 23, on my favorite model, Lindsey Wixson, was a beautiful black floor length, with Chanel-like Camellia flowers descending down to the skirt. Look 25's skirt was nice, but the sheer top kind of scared me off. 27's 3-D white roses ascending the semi sheer skirt was a beautiful finish to one of my favorite collections yet.


  1. Wow... This collection is so lovely and elegant! I agree with you on look 23... How beautiful! I personally loved the draping threads on look 11. And your comments on look 19 are so accurate and funny!

  2. Thanks! I'm glad I helped you fin the website with the collections. I wish they had video though!