Sunday, September 8, 2013

Minimalist Glitz

            Are you glitz? Mega glitz? While I'm not in the beauty pageant circuit, I definitely love a little glitz. Not too much, but just enough to be TOTALLY BLING.
           This most recent collection from Thakoon was very minimalist, but gorgeous. Look 1, admittedly, was kind of sloppy. I think it looked sloppy, though, because it didn't fit the model. It would have looked very pretty if weren't hanging off her. Number 2 was  more interesting interpretation of the pajama trend. Lacy and modern, but you could totally wear it outside. 3 had that small amount of glitz I was talking about earlier. A simple white jacket with gold edges on the sleeves and jacket. Look 5 was a lazy design, compensating by adding a triangle cutout. (blech). Look 6, with the relaxed roomy pants and folded over hourglass top was GORGEOUS. It all came together with a lace belt below the bust.
           8 was just dumb, a lace bra with a tank top, with a too low neck line. I loved the skirt of thirteen. A lot of designers (think Raf Simons at Dior) have been doing this thing I call ''floral webbing''. It's a kind of lace pattern, but with tiny flowers. Flowing white lines flow through and around the flowers, like in this skirt. And, it reminds of the kind of vegan spider web I would have. Just flowers! 16 had a pretty gold accent affect, but the wideness of the dress ruined it. It reminded me of a too big t shirt. Looks 22 and 23's lace was placed really badly. 22 I couldn't even give one of my snarky comparisons. It was other worldly. From planet Gee That Makes No Sense.
           Look 34 was a lame try at the art-on-clothes trend. Think Pier 1 ''art'' section. The rest of theses looks were bad imitations of the pajama trend, had weird cut outs, and others were just designs that had been done a million times over, used for filler. Gosh, do I hate filler. As with a lot of collections, it had a lot of painful moments, but made up for it with some standout pieces.

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