Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Rodarte Fall 2014 review

          Ugh I have fallen behind on my reviews!!! Also, I've forgotten to post an outfit post for WAY TOO LONG. I don't want to become one of those crazy anonymous blog critics! Anyways, I plan on doing an outfit post tomorrow, along with reviews for Zac Posen and Karen Walker. For now, enjoy another review!
        As I've said before, ready to wear can become super monotonous and boring. Couture is the one that pulls out all the bells and whistles. But this collection from Rodarte totally changed that. That's one of my favorite things about Rodarte; like Yves Saint Laurent, they are reinventing ready to wear, taking it out of it's shell. The overall theme this collection was punk meets grunge meets biker. Funny mix, I know. But it all managed to come together! Looks 1-4 had some gorgeous glossy blacks and simple whites. The white fringe in 1 was a favorite. Look 5 brought in animal print. A few of the outfits in this collection had a sideways cut skirt that went over another skirt. Coming out of the skirt is white or black fringe. It seems like a great new kind of fashion piece. You could pair fringe with literally ANY skirt or dress! 10 had a great 90's style leopard vest. Very far from the typical 90's vest. A bit more polished. (because, as you know, my wool cat vest is very polished!).
        Shorts in look 16 were another favorite. Normal denim, but with white pockets and tiger print fringe. Much more modest (and stylish!) than the shorty shorts you see at, say, Lollapalooza? When there is more fabric, there's more style! *epic quote alert*. Look 18's tiger print blazer was too perfect. So lush, so polished, perfection. There has always been that cliche of the fashionista who hates her office job because of it's presumed dress code. This would be perfect for that girl. It looks great, stands out, and is well made. Look 20 brought out some Schiaparelli- Dali collab inspirations. Never been a fan of super sheer, but the embroidered scorpion was delightful. The shoulder-less sweater of 28 had a fluffy white collar and sleeve edges. The simple lines, combined with the fluffiness previously mentioned, equaled a totally glam look for winter. You might want to lift up the collar a little though!
        The very last look, 32, was yet another favorite. A knee length high low dress, layered with a striped and squared pattern. And very frilly! It reminded me of this very crazy pink flowered dress I have from the 60's. This is one of the first collections where I had no serious complaints! A few other looks were different variations of ones I mentioned, or kind of lazy, filler type looks. But no serious copying, or horrendously ugly looks.

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