Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Meadham Kirchhoff spring 2014

           The thing that Meadham Kirchhoff is good at is combining fluffy, innocent images with dark, twisted aspects. This collection especially.
           Look 4 is a perfect example. Little Bo Peep in a yellow and black lace dress, with fitted blazer and wide brimmed hat. As with many, many of the other collections recently, the punk theme was referenced. 6 was not one of this trend's best. The half torn off sleeves just looked torn. Until 16, pretty bland. 16's red dress was a much better rendition of the pajama trend. Deep Valentino-style red, lightly torn at the bottom. Beautiful. The love spreads with 17, baby chick yellow with thin red and green embroidery, elegantly floating through the air.
            23 had similar embroidery, but on a silky, deep red jacket. Unfortunately the lookbook doesn't let you see much of it.
           Unlike many of my posts, this one's pretty short, due to the small amount of clothes in this collection. The other looks were strange corseted looks, others with strange lines of fabric that go around the neck and stomach. Tiger Beat magazine (i know, being the frequent reader i am) for the longest time claimed these body chain things from Claire's were ''in''. Basically the same thing as in this collection, but made out of a chain.
            Certainly not as exciting as some of the Meadham collections in the past, but it definitely improved from the last.

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