Friday, September 27, 2013

Lanvin Spring 2014

                     Lanvin is one of the labels I always trust to be beautiful. The last few collections were a delightful celebration of flowers and shine.This collection, though? More like Forever 21 with a big price tag.
                   Up until 6, the outfits were formless sheath dresses and obnoxious glitz. 6's skirt had a velvety-silky look, with a swishing ruffle at the bottom. I love the textured ruffly trend recently. 7 had a very ugly uniform look. Like something from an army surplus store. Aside from 6, so many of these looks carried on with the depressing bland trend so many designers are going with. Bland colors, formless dresses, too much color and shine to compensate for bad design. 19 was a bit pathetic. Any average person could see the Chanel copying. I don't even know which Chanel collection to compare it with, because how many times has the tweed jacket been done at Chanel?
                 So many of these looks were just plain boring. I mean, yeah, most of these high end designers's customers are people who just buy for the label, but a ton of people out there also appreciate a great outfit, whether it's from a charity thrift store or Lanvin. Black coats, gray/black dresses, shiny things. GOSH. Look 29 was the definite standout of this collection, with a thickly layered pale yellow skirt and white floral embroidery. Yellow has always been a favorite for me, and this skirt is perfect for spring. 35 had a purposefully torn look. Very elegant, if not a little plastic-y. Look 36's pockets (or whatever they are) helped make up one of the worst looks I've seen so far. Yet another shimmery piece, but with scraps of fabric hanging off random areas. We're already resorting to scraps?
                38 was such a typical strapless prom dress look. I think I saw it in a Venus razor commercial. You know, the one where the girl's in an over the top tropical forest? 46 was a mistake made in fashion school. One strap missing is fine, but when the strap is actually there but just not on the shoulder? Over did it with the bow in the middle, too.
                  This collection was super disappointing. Why can't we make interesting collections anymore? Why does it have to be thousands of black dresses, and one really nice piece? It's depressing if you ask me.

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