Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Rochas Spring 2014

         PARIS FASHION WEEEEKKKK! *queue iCarly style random dance* I have been waiting for so long for this week. Ugh! The other weeks were great (especially the color given to Milan fashion week, known for usually being quite boring).  But still. Paris fashion week! Here is my first review of the last fashion week of fashion month!
         The first five looks of this collection were too similar to Louis Vuitton fall/winter. Floral patterns, the whole pajama effect. 6 was a wonderfully shiny sheer/blue flowing blouse. Blue usually isn't a very ''spring'' color, but this totally worked. 7 was a beautiful beige dress with silver embroidered roses and yellow petals. I could see the influence of Dior's dress with the wool top and shimmery blue skirt, but it was inspirational, not a copy. Look 10 looked a little too homemade, and not in the couture way. One ruffle was shorter than the others. If the dress wasn't working, then it shouldn't have been in the collection. 11 is much too Celine, and copying off a often boring brand is never a good idea. Unfortunately, cheating is a big theme here. 13 was Marc Jacobs spring 2013.
        19's skirt was an elegantly toned down version of 7. 21 became even more interesting, as another version of 7, which combined silver AND red roses. Look 25 was so sloppy and beach cover-up-ish. Look 29 brought us back to the cheating. A jumbo copy of Chanel spring/summer 2012. Come on people! 30 had a nauseating intestine effect. Ew! 33 was not feminine at all. Luckily the last look left us on a positive note, with a sheer but not see through top and petticoat skirt. Dressed down, but still has the well designed edge.
         It makes me really sad that some designers that are SO talented, sometimes copy off each other. Whether your collection only has 6 looks or 567, just make them original. I think a lot of the pressure to copy is this idea that you need a certain amounts of looks. Christian Lacroix's capsule collection for Schiaparelli had far less looks than the average collection, but, ta da, most of the looks were delightful outfits that Schiaparelli herself would undoubtedly love. Originality over quantity!

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