Sunday, September 22, 2013

Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2014

               For a while Dolce and Gabbana never seemed very interesting. All I really saw before reading anything about fashion, I only really saw sunglasses. This collection, though? I love it, and it's quite interesting.
               Look 2 was overwhelmingly gorgeous, like something out of a 20's fairy book. Pure white, with 3-D cherry blossom branches and flowers. Honestly, I couldn't believe this was a ready to wear show. 4 was a more sheer and flowing version of two. The dresses in between these looks depended too much on their Roman prints. Honestly, I've never liked photos  on clothing. 8's cream color mini dress had the prettiest white violets. All of the looks mixed in with boring photo dresses was a bit irritating. Such beautiful looks in the collection, so why add boring filler?
                12 was a vibrant red jacket with a large, fluffy red collar. Elmo style,in a good way. 14 brought back the 3-D flowers, with a lacy black dress with pretty pink peonies. More gothic and sophisticated than the other looks. Again with 16, more delightful flowers. Look 18 was much more tame than the other looks, but the flat floral patterned and cream color jacket was smooth and subtle. Up until 41 it's all printed coins and gold. Argh! Then until 47 we went into black, sheer, and boring mode. 47 had an elegant black lace blazer with silky furry collar. Look 49 was a black carbon copy of that blue look from Valentino's fall collection of this year. It's in a few adds in Vogue.
                62's uber-puffed out orange jacket was a fun artsy piece. Look 68 combined my favorite themes of this collection: deep red, flowers,  and flow. 71's pink vest is like my dream vest. Elvis vest? Bye bye! This fashion month had some surprising couture like pieces, which was my favorite part of this collection. Clothes should be wonderful and well made, couture or not!

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