Monday, September 16, 2013

Erdem Spring/Summer 2014

       London Fashion Week has begun! With Harry Styles being at a W Magazine party to more collections to look at.....How can anyone complain? Well, as you all know, I certainly can. Erdem hasn't been a designer I've really looked at, but what I've seen in magazines has always been gorgeous, such as the piece Melissa Benoist from Glee wore in Teen Vogue, September. But this collection? dun, dun, dunnnnnn
        Look 3 is down right depressing, I'm sorry. The rip off-ery against Dior is painful in this one. The side flap, a-line... Look 4 wasn't any better. A sheer Givenchy style black dress, with no body or structure. 7's shirt looked torn up. Is it flowers? Is it paper? No, it's a shirt! The skirt was a ''i'm dressed but not quite because I needed an outfit for the VMA's'' look. The gauzy sheer affect of 8 and 9 was okay, but came off to me as an emergency touch to make it look interesting. Nothing can disguise lame design, folks.12 had some more Dior rip offing, but the white jacket with white ostriche like feathers on the sleeves was very pretty. Motorcycle jackets and their recent trend never really caught my interest, but this was an elegant take on the trend. 14? Alexander Wang! 17 was plain ugly. No femininity, style, practical wearability, just boxy and cumbersome. The gauziness of so many of these looks was such a lame move to me. I never understood why designers always have to go above 20 in the number of their looks. With 32 looks, this collection just tried to compensate boredom with gauzy fabric.
        25 would have to be my favorite. Light metallic, with almost a mountain scene. The feathers popping out of the bottom were a fun feature also. When looking at look 26, have Miley Cyrus on speed dial! 27 was another one I liked much more than previous. White and yellow artistically placed paint splotches gave this masculine jacket a high fashion and highly elegant look. Look 28's model kind of distracts from the outfit; A  woman who (like everyone else on this planet) is beautiful, despite the horrible zombie makeup her stylist gave her! We're celebrating ( I thought) beautiful art, so why do you have to coat the models face in bad makeup? The second to last look, 31, had a boring top of the dress, but it's thick fluffy skirt added a glamorous McQueen inspired touch. This collection finished up with it's better pieces, but man, what were they thinking with most of them?

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