Thursday, September 19, 2013


            Gucci, I thought, was going to be a collection I was reviewing today. But I disliked so much of it, why should I write ANOTHER post just complaining about it. If you need a short review, it goes like this: Lame, boring, sleeazy, cheesy, Target. There you go. On to better things!
           Overall theme of Alberta Ferretti's collection was Mexico, folkloric styles, and very, very pretty  color. 1-4 looked just like something Frida Kahlo would wear. Look 5 was a version of these looks, but a little too much like Prabal Gurung for Target. Prabal Gurung is one of my favorite designers, but that Target collection was terrible! 6 was  a light a line, white with minimal lines of multi colored flowers. Look 10 really surprised me. Harem pants that look good! Lush colors of blue, orange, and white. Gorgeous, but the logistics of the  pants is what I'm not so sure about. How do you walk in those?! On the shoulder of the white sleeveless shirt are 3-D flowers. A nice floral touch, without coming off too bulky. 19 worked wonderfully. White sheer-ish shirt with woven in ribbon coming down from the front and onto the skirt. The ribbon blends right into the skirt, seeming like it is actually connected. \
           20-22 over did the prints a little bit, and they looked typical. 23, though, was a beautiful floral print. Huge flowers at the collar, and then down the middle they get smaller, and then get bigger again towards the end of the skirt. The white skirt version of this dress in look 25 was just as good. But that shirt? Gee, haven't seen that before.... 30 had way, way too much cleavage, but if it were altered a little bit it would be perfect. One of  my favorites. Skirt was made of crinkled sheer black fabric, then layered with crinkled flowers. My favorite fabrics are like this, tulle and crinoline.Up until 36 everything's sheer. 39 is another favorite. High low dress, with thousands of bright little flowers, all in different colors. So elegant, so spring.
         Look 41 was a perfect look for spring. The deep orange and maxi dress gave this a dressed up but not quite black tie look. Perfect spring bridesmaid dress, or just for a casual dinner party. 45's skirt was nothing to write home about, but the blazer was fantastic. Deep ( i love deep colors) red, cinched in, with shiny red embroidery. Ahhhhhh too fabulous. 50, the second to last look, had a sheer collar, with a dark black layered dress. The flowers that showed up so many times before drape down the skirt. A nice finish to the show. The wedding dress ( traditional end to a fashion show) was quite boring, and casual.

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