Monday, September 9, 2013

Let The Trends Begin!

       OMG....what is it with all these trends now? Like, not one show doesn't have anything in common with another! In this collection's, Carolina Herrera's, we had some very un-subtle refrences to a certain Chanel collection. September Issue of Vogue, in the couture shoot, had a dress with a gray and white thin stripe pattern.Looks 1-7 of this collection copied that dres a bit too much. Looks 9-11 were a cross between a generic computer background and a T.J. Maxx bathing suit. You know those strange geometric shapes made out of lines? 14 ripped off Thakoon, Stella McCartney, Alexander Wang...who knows who actually started this look? Anyways, in this show it was super lazy, considering how many times it had been done.
     Look 19 had a glitzy gold shine to it. Hundreds of little gold squares made up this very spring, very flowing dress. 22 was absolutely delightful. Black and white striped dress with a top decorated with wipper will-like feathers. Look 23 had simple half sewn on bee comb shapes. I was missing bees since that fall/winter 2012 Alexander McQueen collection. Many of the dresses in this collection had that ugly ''extended t-shirt'' look. No shape, just straight. Clothing needs STRUCTURE!!!!!!!
       37  finally brought some shape. Layered sheer white fabric top with semi-sheer black skirt, made of rectangular shapes. Very elegant. 40 was a lush yellow/sheer dress with graceful gold embroidery. This dress reminded me of a swan wing. Look 44 had an elegant ''computer generated'' affect. A long satin maxi dress with little pink and black square top.
       One thing I really appreciate from the New York Fashion Week collections so far is the lack of super cleavage, or dumb immodesty that seeks to make a point that doesn't even exist. The maxi dress, especially, is considered such a prissy garment. Many maxi dresses look immature and just seek to cover. But Herrera's dresses in this collection were elegant, shapely, and feminine. All in all, it was a pretty good show.


  1. Great review - I get so sick of trends! Just wondering, can you give me the links to these collections? What websites do you use? I'm not as experienced fashion-wise as you are, but your posts always spark my interest :)

  2. So sorry I didn't get to your question sooner! I just started school so i get flooded with emails. Anyways, I go on the official website for Vogue. Right now is NYC fashion week, so they have all of the major collections there, in picture. If you go on there, you should find it! Everything's on the homepage.