Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Antonio Berardi 2014 spring

            Today I discovered a new designer to enjoy! Yay!
     Look 1 of this collection (can you believe it?!) I loved. The skirt gorgeously floats over the ground, like a misty cloud *clangs wind chimes and begins interpretive dance*. The little white and pink dots on the skirts, and fruit-ish shapes on the jackets were so pretty, elegant, and awesome. 2's jacket wasn't so hot, but the dress, yet again, AMAZING. Floating and elegant, but in pink! Anything that's pink and slightly translucent has always been a favorite of mine. Can pink translucent be a favorite color? Look 3 introduces me to the first sleeveless jumpsuit I like. Very light pink with Japanese style embroidery on the bodice. 6 was too sheer.
    10 had a cool urban style work look. 14.... why do people like this shapeless box trend? I don't get it! It looks like a pink sack! There's an episode of I Love Lucy where Lucy and the gang go to Paris, and Lucy and Ethel attend (an imaginary) designers show, Jacque Marcel. Ricky and Fred don't want to buy them the expensive outfits, so they trick them into wearing fake Marcel pieces, essentially a potato sack and a  wine bucket. I thought of that when I saw 14. 16's skirt was beautiful, but the top is lame and (spoiler!) too sheer. How many times people? HOW MANY TIMES?????????? 21 was a perfect mix of sheer and fabric, also combining the unlikely colors of dark gray and pink. My favorite part of this collection were the dresses with a plain skirt and detailed top. 26 did this with a light pink dress and swirly metal and dark red details.
        Towards the end the collection gets pretty boring. Sheer, odd shapes, unrealistic animal print, white collection filler.... 38's pants were a nice shade of pink, with a touch of metallic flair. The latest collections out of New York and London so far have done metallics very well, unlike the futuristic Burberry things from some recent season ago. Luckily the last look, 42, was an interesting piece. It combined everything in this collection: the pinks, metallics, deep reds, and embroidery. Usually a show ends with a wedding dress, but the idea of putting all of the previous looks in one is an innovative idea, that I hope to see more of! Could I have a Chanel all-in-one dress, please?

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