Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Pretty Pink Peony

                   Elie Saab represents everything lacy, frilly, and gorgeous. His clothes are some of the most elegant pieces I have seen, by far. Unlike many designers, he doesn't forget to design well for his ready to wear shows.
               One of my favorites was the first look, a light pink jumpsuit with lightly layered flowers on the top.  3's jumper is a perfect look for spring. Cool and in a spring color. The white looks were just as good. Look 8 did look a little winter-y, but the beauty of this dress makes up for any seasonal confusion. Snow fairy costume. 16's cape in the back put an elegant, modern spin on what could have been a plain white dress.   Look 19 was a chic white shirt with white flowers. Perfect if you have a super boring job but still feel like dressing up.  20 was an overly perfect white version of the first look.  
              The green ivy colored looks weren't as great as the previous looks. 23 was plain and over-glittered. Look 24 was too long. It just looked wrong. And 26 was downright dumb! Ah! I hate filler. 29 was my favorite of the white floral print looks. For the others, the print just didn't translate well enough. Embroidery is more my thing.
              37 was my favorite of the bright red. Minimal details, with a full flowing skirt. Look 38 was another filler piece. Filler pieces are so lame. Like who wears them, label happy Kim Kardashian? 39 through 46's patterns were just too, well, patterned. No structure, just a pattern. Like an Izod shirt. The only reason you truly want it is the alligator. Pitch black was the last color group. Too many ''just barely dressed'' looks. An exception, 52, was a long, elegant maxi dress, with a very gothic look.
            All in all a pretty good collection, with a few filler pieces and sheers.

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