Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Classical Chic

                 Everyone knows the very basic parts of the Chanel style. Tweed, braid, and quilted purses. The interpretations of this style by the Chanel house has always had a wide variety. There was 80's Chanel, 90's Chanel, and of course the original. This collection was a nice revival of this classic style. Plenty of tweed.
                  3 and 4 were two of my favorites. 3 with it's spunky bright colors, and 4 the pale pinks and blues I love so much. Look 5 was very plain. Just blue and white plaid. 10 had a predictable yet chic contrast with the light blue and dark blue border. 11 was another boring piece. Plain colors that do not go together. 12 was delightful. A little bulky, but the fluffy variety of colors against the normal tweed was so unexpected. So artistic. Look 13 was a longer version of this jacket, and with less plaid, which made me like it even more. Plaid is okay only when it's done perfectly. Look 14's print was much too T.J. Maxx swim team. 15-32 were so boring! The colors were too loud and metallic, and the white or black looks were predictable. Many filler pieces.
               Look 41 was just another cleavage piece. Gosh, when will people realize how dumb that looks?! 42 and 43 were pretty horrifying. So not Chanel, on this extreme level. Like this ugly version of sports wear ( as if sportswear wasn't ugly enough). The slouchiness was the worst part. Many of the looks after this one were these (yet again) horrific washed out denim outfits, and 49 was the worst of them. Unoriginal, ugly, just ew. Does the world really need another washed out denim vest? That big, especially? Chanel's collections are always the ones you look forward to, and when they disappoint this much, it's super lame. After 49 everything was slouchy version of something that could look good. The skirt of 58 was actually a favorite, light, airy, and with the cutest little white bows. 63's gray/black look with Celtic inspired print was terrible. Like one of those prints you see in a thrift store and wonder how something so hideous could be conceived in someone's mind.
                Look 65's one sleeve sweater had a beautiful camellia flower design. I love sweaters, so having a sweater that's wearable in spring or summer would be nice. 67: EW MIDRIFF CUT OUT! Look 70's medical tubing sweater was a bit disturbing. 73 would've worked without the little dashes of black. The black made it look dirty. 76  would be perfect for a True Value hardware uniform. Look 83 actually looked good with the paint blotches, and the lace. I also like the diagonal collar. 85 looked miss matched. Like when you have a two year old get dressed. 87 and 88 looked broken. The very last look was okay, but not Chanel.
        The beginning of this collection was very beautiful, but it kind of veered off into boredom and weird prints that should never be together.

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