Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The very first Chloe design to be made!!!

I have the biggest love for sweaters. I adore them. So, considering that I have a cow, Christmas cat, and hummingbird sweater, how could my life be complete without a UFO sweater? I used a basic Colimbia Minerva pattern, but I came up with the color combo, and UFO embroidery. Please forgive me for any vengeful or jealous emotions caused by reading this post. Just be glad one girl can enjoy this beauty.


  1. You mean you made that?!?! It's amazing! I love the color combo, it's so unusual and unexpected - I also love the embroidery, of course... It looks so good, so cool... I want one :D

  2. Oh my god thats actually amazing, honest to god I would die to have one for myself! xx

  3. Thanks for all of the nice words! I had been knitting this for a while and I'm glad after so much work people like it! I've been diving into the farthest reaches of the conspiracy theory/tall tale section of Netflix, and I've been on a UFO kick. Art Bell is starting his radio show about all things UFO, bigfoot,etc, so i'm really excited. Thanks everyone!