Thursday, July 11, 2013

Leibster Award

    Yay I got a leibster award! I was nominated by Sophie of Pretty Passions, Fine Fashions .
Eleven things about me:
 1.) I once met Louis Tomlinson of One Direction at TopShop
2.) I collect Precious Moments figurines
3.) I adore 80's wind breakers
4.) I knew about Riot Grrrl and all that WAY before it got it's resurgence like now ( i absorb feminist theory and history)
5.) I consider my self most like Sophia on the Golden Girls, even though her character is a woman in her 90's, and I am only 15.
6.) I am currently working on a yellow and black 50's style sweater
7.) I once climbed to the very top of the Vatican, all by stairs. I literally got to look down on Italy from the Dome!
8.) I enjoy Clean House more than any other reality show
9.) A deejay from B96 actually answered my call once, when I was trying to win One Direction tickets, only to tell me the contest was in another hour. And no, I did not win the next hour
10.) I have four cats
11.) I am Catholic.
 Here are my nominations
The Flight of The Flamingo
Elle Stole My Name
The Fashion Aviator
Peppermint Whiskers
The Pseudo Intellectual
Rosie And The Wolf
Teen Moon Witch
Here are my questions for my nominees!
1.) Who was your first music obsession?
2.) Are you religious?
3.) How far have you traveled?
4.) What is your favorite school subject?
5.) Who is your favorite designer?
6.) What's  your favorite book?
7.) Do you have any pets?
8.) What is the one outfit you can't live without out?
9.) What historical character living or dead would you hang out with?
10.) What was your most embarrassing moment?
11.) What you for Halloween last year?

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