Tuesday, July 9, 2013

One Direction in Glamour

             Lately all one Direction seems to be producing is stuff to buy. Like, they have a book coming out, anti bullying note books, a movie, a new song.....Not to mention their tour that I've tried helplessly to go to through various contests. It's like a black hole of stuff. But, Glamour being one of my favorite magazines, I was so excited to hear 1D would be on the cover. Spoiler Alert: I bought it.
        Starting with the actual article: A little boring. That's what happens when you interview someone 300 times in a period of one month. They eventually start saying the same stuff. And honestly? Don't ask me how many times Harry said ''Yeah, it was pretty cool.'' Rosie Huntington Knightley, the model/actress person who posed with them also had boring clothes, aside from maybe the gold dress with a triangular hole in the chest, but in that shocking, ''WHO ON HELL OR EARTH WOULD WEAR THAT'' sort of way. At least it was an interesting experiment in World's Worst dresses.
           I did really like this magazine, though. I really love One Direction's music, completely legitimately. In my eyes, having WMYB as their first single really said something, feminist wise. Call me old fashioned, but I still really like that ''Everyone is beautiful'' feminism. Because I really believe it. And they have had some really fun and interesting interviews, like the one they did for NPR. They actually talked about the messages of their songs. It was very music focused, instead of some sleazy DJ asking them if they're dating Demi Lovato. But when you've been on tour for months and have to promote a perfume, book, single, tour, and movie, and give interviews, what are you going to say? I would just end up discussing my cat's fur probably.
         The rest of the magazine, which I managed to notice, had some really cool articles. ''How Supermodels Took Over The World (Again)'' was an interesting look at our new trend of actually noticing models as humans with names. I really love the new supermodel obsession. I mean, they still have ridiculous beauty standards, but often times a model on a Dior runway is seen as just that, a model on a Dior runway. ''Meet Marc's Muses'' was another fav. I mean, Marc Jacobs has a makeup line. What could possibly be better than that? I'm most excited about the orange shade lipstick. ''The Top Ten Things to Know About This Summer'' was a little interesting, with the singer facts. But also a little annoying, considering I will not be attending ANY of said concerts. As with most of fashion this year, the photo spreads were yawn- inducingly boring. ''Your New Style Playlist'' had Grimes in it, wearing a GORGEOUS pink high-low dress over jeans. Yay!
         So, if you really like One Direction (me!), buy this. It has some really cute pictures, and Harry saying ''Yeah, it was pretty cool'' can eventually seem like a great philosophical insight if you think about it. The fashion outside of this one article was super boring, except Grimes's GORGEOUS dress.
       Oh, and a couple blog updates: I'll be having a few seriously fun articles coming up. I'm going to NYC this august, so I'll write a review about the punk fashion exhibit at the Met, and all the fabulous fashion stores I'll check out. They literally have an Alexander McQueen store. And a Dior store. I'm also getting a blue wig, which I've been begging for for like my whole life, so I'll have a whole article just gushing about having neon hair. I think I'm also purchasing an 80's hummingbird sweater. Well, have a great rest of the summer!

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