Monday, July 15, 2013

American Spring Garden

        Red, white, blue, and green were the primary colors in this collection by Elie Saab. This  collection had the usual glitz and glitter of Elie Saab collections, but more subtle. Glitter was used sparingly. Glitter is probably one of the hardest materials or decorations to work with. It's easy if your going for a more out-there look, but what if you want a casual but GORGEOUS look? Well, here they are!
    The show started with rich dark red Valentino-esque dresses. Look two was my favorite red piece. A sheer dress with deep red brocade all over. A very romantic look. Look three was a bit too prom dress. It was a bit plain. Number six was another favorite, with it's messy spider web-like bodice and light red skirt. Looks seven and eight were my least favorite red looks. Look seven could pass for a Delia's prom dress. Very common looking, with it's wrap around design.
     Then the white looks start. Most of them were just imitations of previous collections. In the house's classic style, but with no change. You need creativity! Look fourteen was the only white dress that really spoke to me. The glitter was well placed and the dress was very tasteful.
      Blue looks were the best. Look seventeen was nothing short of gorgeous, with the lace above chest and collar, and wave patterned glitter. The texture of the dress was done perfectly. Number twenty, at first, looked a bit too prom, for me. But then I thought, yes, it does reference a prom look, with the tight bodice and exploding skirt. But I would wear that to my prom (if I was a movie director's daughter)! Look twenty three was just dumb, with the see through chest. Ugh, why do people like that style SO MUCH?! After this we gradually go back through the whites, and then greens. The green looks were full of a bunch of filler outfits. Maxi dresses with glitter. Boring!
       Look thirty eight was especially bad. White with a glittery top and triangular plunging neck line. Yuck! Have you ever seen the music video for ''You Belong With Me'', where Taylor is the dorky girl and the guy she likes is dating the sleazy girl? This is the sleazy girl's prom dress. After green we go back to white. More Delia's Homecoming dresses.
       Luckily, the show ends with a beautiful look. Wedding dresses are one of those outfits that are either gorgeous or hideous, with no in between. The wedding dress in this collection was beautiful. Well placed glitter accents, with a hug skirt and long train. It truely was a Saab dress, and it truly was beautiful.


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