Saturday, July 6, 2013

A Very Lacy Valentine

              Don't you just love a good play on words? The poet in me always goes for the rhyme or lame joke. Valentines signify love and romance (the latter, I admit, ain't my thing. Forever a romantic movie hater), and this collection signifies those things.
             The light gold and bronze shades of the first few outfits reminds me of a candle lit dinner. The lace and twisting shape of the prints suggesting smoke cilmbing the air from the tiny flame of a candle. I remember being little and putting my hand just close enough to a candle to weave my fingers through the swirling smoke. These looks also utilized typically boring colors, such as gray or white, but made them beautiful and interesting, while still not being bright and floral. Many collections for cold seasons either are mind numbingly boring, or bright and multi colored to being completely out of season. Plaid looks like 9 and 10 were quite plain and boring though. Filler outfits.
         Outfits 13 through 15 also were just plain and boring. Sixteen, on the other hand? TERRIBLE. It went beyond beach cover up. Basically, look 16 was a see through dress, with lace barely covering the model's breasts and middle. Simply terrible. How could that possibly be wearable for winter? And who (except maybe Rihanna or Jennifer Lopez) would wear it? Look 21, much more like clothing and actually unique, had a beautiful silk bird print with a floral print jacket. Look 22 and it's similarity to a Michael Kors for T.J. Maxx collaboration was stunning. Twenty seven, in all simplicity, was just dumb.
           With look thirty nine, it finally started getting a little pretty. A gray cape with embroidered silver tulips was very elegant. I'd love to wear it to an opera (if that was my destination next weekend. My destination next weekend in reality is me going to TopShop and pretending I'm not there because One Direction really likes it and they happens to be in town. I just really like those spiked shorty shorts, ya' know?). Forty two was my favorite. A pitch black cape with red branches reaching across. The branches look more to me like deep sea coral, which in my opinion is better. Look forty five was depressingly ugly. Sheer, with a bunch of yellow cloud-like shapes for minimal coverage.
           This collection was one of my least favorites. I am tired of designers thinking if they make one or two stand out pieces, and fill the rest of the show with gray jackets, everyone will love it. So many outfits I didn't mention simply because they were duplicates of each other. How many gray or tan over coats does this world really need? I mean, there's a pile of them at Unique Thrift just waiting to be found!

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