Thursday, July 4, 2013

Jean Paul Gaultier Haute Couture 2013/2014

           Ah, my first Gaultier review. You always hope your first look at any designer would be a positive one. I had been familiar with his designs, slightly, through advertisements and and the occasional photo spread on Vogue or W. Well, here goes!
        Like many of my favorite collections, this collection combined all sorts of styles and eras. Baroque, 90's, and animal print. Animal print is a very difficult pattern to use. If you over do it, it could look like a jacket an exotic animal collector would wear (wouldn't it be offensive to a tiger to see its skin as a coat?). Gaultier was very subtle. Look 9 was a black jacket with a cheeta inside. Look 8 was definitely my favorite. Striped jacket and skirt with slight cheeta print underneath, with a slight baroque glisten to it. Baroque and cheeta print? It works? I guess it does!
        Some pieces, on the other hand, were illogical, like the backless jacket at Dior. Look 10 was an over the top fur coat with a completely sheer top, with cloth wrapped around the middle. Could you imagine wearing that in a Chicago winter? Eek!
       Starting with look 14, this collection made a very glam turn. Look 14 was a bushy ostrich feather jacket, with white, tan, and brown. It was a bit on the obnoxious side, but it looks so fun to wear. Fifteen was a lush pink jacket, reminding me of my Lisa Frank days. Look twenty one, a very subtle look for Gaultier, was rather usual. But a pink skirt underneath gave it a ballet costume twist. Oh, and the velvet! Look twenty eight was a black velvet maxi dress with a bustierre top. Look twenty nine was too loud for me. The gold color was much too obnoxious, and the reversed shape of the skirt was not very flattering.
      Look thrity one, worn by my favorite model Lindsey Wixson, was lovely. Metallic has never been my favorite look, but the different colors used like pink and orange changed my mind. Unlike classic metallic colors like gold or silver, these didn't look too utilitarian. Thirty five's dress was quite plain, but the high veiled head dress reminded me of an Alexander McQueen for Givenchy piece, which OBVIOUSLY equals awesome. Too much cleavage ruined look thirty seven. Forty was the epitomy of gorgeous. Lilac-satin embroidered top with blue velvet pants. Outfits like these scream conservatory garden, without flowers. The collection ended with a wide 18th century corset look. The unusually wide hips which were anatomically illogical made for a very garish dress.
       As I've said with many collections, this collection had select stand out pieces, but much filler. Some looks were very plain. Others illogical for the season. But beautiful looks like look 40 made this show worth while.

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