Wednesday, July 3, 2013

2013/2014 Fall/Winter Chanel Haute Couture collection

             Fashion needs influence. Whatever ancient designer from the time before time, thank you for coming up with the very first collection, for all of our designers to work from. This collection has evidence of a variety of inspirations, some very unlikely.
      The first, obvious in looks 1-28, is the recent Burberry collection. One of my least favorite pieces from this collection is in this list, look 27. Robot like costume is not exactly my thing. The others in this list are beautiful, though. Look 4 is a beautiful emerald-green tweed jacket. Look 25 was done in a gorgeous light baby blue. Twenty nine through thirty five screamed Marc Jacobs. The gltter and slight grunge element melded the historic with the modern. I did not like thirty seven that much. I am one to appreciate modern and somewhat pop art style designs, but the 60's Catholic Church stained glass windows look was not very appealing. It reminded me of the horrifying stained glass windows the cathedral here in Chicago got as replacement for the gorgeous windows depicting saints. Enough said.
       Look 41 was THE BESTEST THING! Light tan and gold tweed body with light peach mermaid skirt. Recent Chanel collections like Spring/Summer 2013 or Spring/Summer 2012 have been gorgeous and pastel and very Chanel (i love rhyming) but not very reminiscent of classic flapper style Chanel looks. This reminded me so much of a Great Gatsby look. Slim and body huggin, but still elegant and not sleazy.
    With look 45 things started tumbling down hill. Forty eight was the worst look in this whole collection. Sheer with geometric shapes. Can you say...I don't know..... Salvation Army Circo brand washed too many times beach cover up? Experience thrifters who've encountered some of the worst thrift shops will understand the reference. Look fifty looked like the apparel of a lame Nyan Cat character (if those fabulous videos ever add on from the one characters). Fifty six was, admittedly, very gorgeous. But it was such a knock off of Sarah Burton at Alexander McQueen. The rest of the looks were plain black dresses with terrible misshapen square prints, and one very ugly interpretation of a wedding dress. It basically was a pants suit that got ripped and had a white crinoline skirt exploding out of it.
      All in all, this collection was a bit bland. A few stand out pieces, such as forty one, made it worth while. But just piling on fabrics and adding squares does not amount to a creative collection.
Yay flappers, and yuck geometrics.

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