Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Valentino Fall Winter 2013

     The thing I love about Valentino is how they make styles and materials that are considered outdated and old, modern and very, very cool. And honestly? Is there anything really wrong with old?
The latest collection was only an improvement from the last one, gorgeous and floral and lacey wonderfulness. One thing that surprised me the most was the use of florals. Fashion for  more boring seasons usually doesn't include flowers, and if it does it USUALLY looks stupid. But with this collection! It totally changed the way I think of fall and winter.
     The floral embroidery had a very wilted and faded affect, and were relaxed. Another dress had more lively flowers, and they covered the whole dress. The colors yet again were very relaxed and coordinated.
    The first black and blue dresses looked to much like something from Ralph Lauren. They reminded me of something a stereotypical evil teacher would wear. The big long coats had more elegant shoulders, but reminded me of Celine, just with the plainness and lack of originality. The white purse also looked like the red purse that Ralph Lauren has in all it's adds
A lot more of the looks were very plain,. The white dresses with blue floral designs were a particular favorite, looking as if they were taken off those beautiful Asian ceramics. The scalloped dresses were something unique, though the linger dress with see through stomach was not very attractive. Whenever an outfit shows too much stomach it makes it look broken to me. The Lacey see through dresses were obnoxious and silly.
Almost every dress was super long, and the floaty way the hung made them very angelic. This was definitely the best show of this season. Dior made a big improvement from last season, but it wasn't Dior enough or unique. Chanel was just do bland. This collection certainly was not perfect, but what actually is?

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