Friday, March 15, 2013

Marc Jacobs Fall Winter

     I've always been inspired by Marc Jacob's designs, since the designing I've been working on has my own ideas, but he's a big inspiration. I love the brights and colors. And the modernity of it. The 20's and 80's are my favorite eras, but well made clothing from the present can be awesome too. This collection had it's really gorgeous moments and it's, well, not making sense moments?
   I didn't really fall head over heels about the last collection, but it certainly was much better than this one. The oddest part of this collection was  the shorts. Unless you live in either Hell or California, it's usually cold during the winter. And that usually means not wearing shorty shorts. I mean, these shorts were shorter than the shorts I wear in the summer. And the shorts were plain colors, like black, metallic tan, and gray. There wasn't anything special about them.
   One particular model had the shorts on, and she didn't have a top on. At all. Of course she covered herself with her arm, but it annoyed me so much. Their just plain black shorts, so we need to have a half naked model wear them? It's as if the fashion show isn't about fashion, but about shock! Believe me, the world is still recovering from Jennifer Lopez's infamous Grammy's dress. We had our fill of shock. Alexander McQueen, who was a design genius in my opinion, did have a lot of theatrics and dancing and somewhat shocking outfits, but he did it in an artistic way, to complement the clothing. He completely re-did common ways of dressing.
     Aside from the half naked model, there was way too much fur. I just really dislike fur. Style wise, it makes you look obnoxious and, well, crazy, and moral-wise, I love fashion, and it's a very important thing..but is it so important that we have to kill animals for it? Especially when we have so much more fabrics and faux feathers and fur to wear, why do we need the real thing anymore?
      The see-through maxi dress was just dumb, and the upper thigh length one as just as dumb. I mean, who really walks down the street in a sheer dress with nothing else underneath? Ugh! The only dress I really liked was Look 54, because thought it was the only truely different design, even though it had fur. If it was faux, I would buy it! I've actually read that some of the designs use faux fur, but even those have been confusing, as an animal rights group said a jacket labeled faux actually had dog fur from China.

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